Little Ghost Sugar Cupcake Decorations

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey USA)

Ghost Sugar Decorations For Halloween

Ghost Sugar Decorations For Halloween

These little ghost sugar cupcake decorations make it easy for you to make cute little cupcakes for your kids for Halloween. You can get these little sugar decorations in a cake decorating store and sometimes you can find them in the supermarket.

Just put them right on top of the cupcakes you frosted. I used white frosting but you can use any color you want. You can also use sprinkles or sparkling sugars to decorate your cupcakes.

Take a look at how cute these sugar decorations are on a cupcake. I took a picture to show you! I put these on a Halloween placemat I bought at the dollar store. Halloween cupcakes are easy to make and fun to eat so be ready to make a lot of them this holiday season.

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