Little Einsteins Party Ideas

Boys and girls enjoy watching the Little Einsteins, and that's why Little Einsteins party ideas are so popular. Kids want to be like the Litte Einsteins, enjoying new and exciting adventure. If you child’s birthday is coming up, it would be a great opportunity for you to make their dreams come true by holding a Little Einsteins Party.

Party Planning

Give yourself at least two or three weeks to prepare for the party. It’s a special occasion that happens only once a year and you don't want to mess it up by realizing in the last minute that something’s amiss. Do your homework and learn everything you can about the Little Einsteins.

Party Invitations

You can use some of your Little Einsteins party ideas to come up with some unique party invitations. You can cut out thick colored papers and shape them into a microphone, baton or rocket. You can color these invitations or you can get clip art to decorate them. On the back, put the party details such as the time and date of the party.

Little Einsteins Birthday Cake Ideas

How about a homemade birthday cake decorated by...YOU! It's very easy with the help of a Little Einsteins cake topper? It's simple to get some fun cake decorating ideas when you've got a cake topper. Bake and frost your cake, just like you usually do, then design a fun Little Einsteins scene on top of your cake with the help of this fun cake decorating tool.

Party Decorations

Set up Little Einsteins themed banners for the walls and get some colorful balloons to tie to the chairs. You can find a free printable party banner right here on Party Ideas Parade. You can also make some party place mats yourself. Just download some Little Einsteins clip art from the Internet, design your mats and print them.

Party supplies like decorated cups, plates, and even spoons and forks can be found online at a party supplies store or at a local party store. Theme party supplies will help your Little Einsteins party ideas come across in every aspect of your party. You can also find some party favor boxes and some game prizes like temporary tattoos or stickers.

Little Einstein Extras

Since Little Einsteins teach us all about fun combined with learning and information, putting puzzles, coloring books and crayons on one area in the party would be a good idea. Use your Little Einsteins party ideas to help teach kids one of the lessons we find in the Little Einsteins. It's cool to be smart and learning is fun! Play some of your Little Einsteins videos and music during the party. Your little guests will enjoy being able to watch the show and dance along when they feel like it. Kids are so spontaneous!

Fun Party Games
Treasure Hunt would be a fun game to play. All you will have to do is cut-out images of Little Einsteins “treasures” such as the baton, microphone, rocket, violin, guitar, and other animals and things featured in Little Einsteins series. Hide the pictures in small plastic eggs and hide them around the house or yard. Draw a map for the kids and let them find the treasures!

June’s Newspaper Dance is the perfect Little Einsteins party game! Since the Little Einsteins love to dance, you can let them do the newspaper dance. All that’s needed are some newspapers!

Each kid will find a partner to dance with. As Little Einsteins songs are played, the kids are going to dance but once it stops, they are going to step inside the newspaper.

The paper will be folded and refolded every time a song is played, and it will get smaller and smaller. If a kid’s foot goes out of the boundaries of the newspaper, they're disqualified. The last pair standing wins! Make sure to give each child a game prize when they are eliminated from the "action". It will help take the sting of being disqualified away. Make sure each of them have a lot of fun participating in the fun games you plan for them.

Little Einsteins Halloween Costume Ideas

Who is your child's favorite of the Little Einsteins? Is it June, Leo, Annie or Quincy? Since these little adventurers are so popular with the younger crowd there are Halloween Costumes of them! Take a look at these costumes to see what you will need to make your very own homemade Little Einsteins costume this year. It won't be hard at all if you are the least bit handy! It's also good to know you can buy one if you need to! I just like to window shop at all the online Halloween stores.

Whether it's Little Einsteins party ideas or Halloween costumes...your child is sure to have lots of fun!

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