Lion Pinata

A Lion Pinata? Yes...a Pinata in the shape of a lion. There are so many different kids party ideas you can use a lion for. Safari parties, Jungle parties, Circus parties, Cats...well...BIG Cats! and I am sure you can think of lots more. Kids love Lions and other kinds of animals and that's why this pinata will be a special addition to your kids party games.

This is a pull string model. That means you don't need a stick or a bat to break this Lion open and allow it's goodies to be freed. Have your party guests each choose a string. When someone chooses the right string, the pinata will open and the goodies...well, they will spill out and you get to watch your party guests try to scoop up as many as they can.

If you are using this lion in a jungle or safari theme, why not get some pith helmets as a party hat for your party guests. Circus parties will need some cotton candy and the Cats theme will need pictures of cats of all shapes and sizes. But no matter what kind of party favors or supplies you need...your guests will enjoy these party themes.

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