LEGO Star Wars Sets - LEGO Star Wars Characters

LEGO Star Wars Sets and LEGO Star Wars Characters For Your Little LEGO Fan. Check out the fun movie, video games and sets I found for you. Take a look at the party supplies too...get some fun kids birthday party ideas with a LEGO theme.

If you are looking for LEGO Star Wars Sets full of your favorite characters and right out of the video games you can find them here. Just click on any of the pictures of the sets to see more. Clicking will take you right to the LEGO Store where you can find these Star Wars LEGO Sets.

Available LEGO Star Wars Sets

Here are the available LEGO Star Wars Sets you can find by clicking on the links for LEGO on this page.

Episode I : The Phantom Menace

Battle Droid Commander & 2 Battle Droids
Sebulba's Podracer & Anakin's Podracer (Mini)
MTT (Mini)
Sith Infiltrator (Mini)>br? Lightsaber Duel
Droid Fighter
Gungan Patrol
Naboo Swamp
Flash Speeder
Battle Droid Carrier
Anakin's Podracer
Naboo Fighter
Sith Infiltrator
Trade Federation AAT
Podracer Bucket
Gungan Sub
Mos Espa Podrace
Watto's Junkyard
Jedi Defense I
Jedi Defense II
Naboo N-1 Starfighter with Vulture Droid
Trade Federation MTT
Sith Infiltrator (Limited edition)
Republic Cruiser
The Battle of Naboo
Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator
Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers
Pit Droid (Technic)
Battle Droid (Technic)
Destroyer Droid (Technic)
Darth Maul Bust (Ultimate Collector's Series - UCS)
Naboo Starfighter (UCS)

LEGO Brand Retail

Episode II : Attack of the Clones

Geonosian Fighter
Hailfire Droid
Jedi Starfighter & Slave I (Mini)
Republic Gunship (Mini)
AT-TE (Mini)
Jedi Duel
Tusken Raider Encounter
Bounty Hunter Pursuit
Jedi Starfighter
Jango Fett's Slave I
Republic Gunship
R2-D2 (Technic)
Jango Fett (Technic)
Super Battle Droid (Technic)
Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter (UCS)

Episode III : Revenge of the Sith

V-Wing Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter (Mini)
Clone Scout Walker
Darth Vader Transformation
Droid Tri-Fighter
General Grievous Chase
Jedi Starfighter and Vulture Droid
Ultimate Lightsaber Duel
Wookiee Attack
ARC-170 Starfighter
Wookiee Catamaran
Clone Turbo Tank
Ultimate Space Battle
Droids Battle Pack
Clone Troopers Battle Pack
General Grievous Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring
AT-AP Walker
General Grevious Starfighter (Mini)
ARC-170 Starfighter
Republic Swamp Speeder
Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle
General Grievous (UCS)
Clone Turbo Tank (Mini)
Episode III Collectors' Set

LEGO Brand Retail

Episode IV : A New Hope

TIE Fighter (Mini)
T-16 Skyhopper
X-wing Fighter & TIE Advanced (Mini)
Millennium Falcon (Mini) (version 2)
Star Destroyer (Mini)
Mos Eisley Cantina
Millennium Falcon (version 3)
Imperial Star Destroyer
X-wing Fighter (Mini)
Droid Escape
X-wing Fighter
TIE Fighter
TIE Advanced & Y-wing
Millennium Falcon (version 1)
X-wing Fighter (UCS)
TIE Fighter
Y-wing Fighter
Imperial Landing Craft
Imperial Dropship
Rebel Scout Speeder
Mid-Scale Millenium Falcon (version 5)
Millennium Falcon (version 6)
C-3P0 (Technic)
Stormtrooper (Technic)
R2-D2 (Technic)
Darth Vader (Technic)
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter (Mini)
Luke`s Landspeeder
Mid-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer
Rebel Blockade Runner (UCS)
Imperial Star Destroyer (UCS)
TIE Fighter Collection
Y-wing Attack Starfighter (UCS)
Vader's TIE Advanced (UCS)
Millennium Falcon (UCS)
Death Star(UCS)
Tantive IV
Chrome C-3PO
Chrome Darth Vader

Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars #1
TIE Bomber
Imperial AT-AT
Rebel Snowspeeder
X-wing Fighter
Millennium Falcon
Slave I
X-wing Fighter
Twin-Pod Cloud Car
Slave I
Hoth Rebel Base
Echo Base
Hoth Echo Base
Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
Snowtrooper Battle Pack
AT-AT Walker
Slave I
Hoth Wampa Cave
Cloud City
Rebel Snowspeeder
Motorized Walking AT-AT
White Boba Fett

Episode VI : Return of the Jedi

Star Wars #2
Star Wars #3
Jabba's Message
Jabba's Prize
Jabba's Palace
TIE Interceptor
A-wing Fighter
B-wing Fighter
Jabba's Sail Barge
Desert Skiff
Imperial AT-ST
Speeder Bikes
A-wing Fighter
Ewok Attack
Imperial Shuttle
B-wing at Rebel Control Center
Final Duel I
Final Duel II
Imperial Inspection
Home One Mon Calamari Starcruiser
Ewok Attack
The Battle of Endor
Death Star II

LEGO Brand Retail

Did you have any idea there were so many different LEGO Star Wars Sets? If your child enjoys playing with LEGOs and building these fun sets this is the place and the party idea for you. Just take a look at how many fun ideas you can come up with looking through these fun titles.

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The Clone Wars

Anakin's Jedi Starfighter Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid MagnaGuard Starfighter V-19 Torrent AT-TE Walker Republic Attack Gunship Droid Gunship Republic Fighter Tank The Twilight Separatist Spider Droid Corporate Alliance Droid Ahsoka's Starfighter and Droids Count Dooku's Solar Sailer Pirate Tank Geonosian Starfighter Clone Walker Battle Pack Assassin Droids Battle Pack Hyena Droid Bomber Armored Assault Tank (AAT) Republic Attack Shuttle Separatist's Shuttle Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter "Venator" Class Republic Attack Crusier Freeco Speeder Droid Tri-Fighter Plo Koon's Starfighter General Grevious's Starfighter Clone Turbo Tank Cad Bane's Speeder Battle for Geonosis Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter Clone Trooper Battle Pack Mandalorian Battle Pack Bounty Hunter Gunship T6 Jedi Shuttle Dathomir Speeder Republic Frigate Republic Dropship and AT-OT Battle Droid on STAP Clone Walker

Expanded Universe

TIE Crawler Rogue Shadow Imperial Speeder Bike TIE Defender Imperial V-Wing Fighter

LEGO Mindstorms

Droid Developer Kit Dark Side Developer Kit

Keychain Sets

Darth Vader Keychain Luke Skywalker Keychain Darth Maul Keychain Yoda Keychain C-3PO Keychain Snowtrooper Keychain Yoda Keychain Stromtrooper Keychain Anakin Keychain Clone Trooper Keyring Chewbacca Keyring Yoda Keyring Boba Fett Keyring Imperial Royal Guard Keyring R2-D2 Keyring Obi-Wan Keychain Astromech Droid Keychain Princess Leia Keychain Millennium Falcon Bag Charm Y-wing Fighter Bag Charm Vader’s TIE Fighter Bag Charm Land Speeder Bag Charm Slave I Bag Charm Jedi Starfighter Bag Charm Plo Koon Keychain Ahsoka Keychain Asajj Ventress Keychain Commander Cody Keychain Captain Rex Keychain

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