LEGO Birthday Party Theme - LEGO Party Supplies

LEGO Birthday Party Theme Are Easy To Plan When You Have LEGO Party Supplies.

This is the LEGOville Party Theme and it's about a LEGO town with people, cars and lots of activity.

Kids love LEGOs and that is why this is a fun and easy party to there are so many party supplies you can find with a LEGO theme. LEGO Supplies include
  • party invitations
  • plates
  • decorations
  • activity placemats
  • party favors
  • games
  • cake and cupcake ideas
You can find everything you need to plan and host a kids birthday party. You can also find some great LEGO toys to give as a birthday gift!

LEGOVille Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

LEGOVille Deluxe Party Pack

LEGO Party Invitations

We have some LEGO party invitations here or you can make your own with construction paper and stickers. Party invitations are really simple to make yourself. Just cut each piece of construction paper in half and then fold each piece in half...see how it looks just like a card...then take your stickers and decorate them. The LEGO stickers and brightly colored paper will help convey your LEGO birthday party theme. Inside the card fill in the Who, What, Where and When of your party. Add an RSVP phone number too, so your guests can let you know if they will be at the party. Or take a look...Here are the pre-made invitations for your LEGO party...8 come in each pack.

LEGO® Ville Invitations (8)

LEGO® Ville Invitations (8)

LEGO Party Plates, Cups And Napkins

You can find party packs filled with the supplies you need for your LEGO birthday party theme or you can buy packages of plates, cups and napkins individually. The choice is yours, just look over the packs and decide what party supplies you need...then buy them. Here are what the plates look like.

LEGOVille Dinner Plates (8)

LEGOVille Dinner Plates.

There are 8 plates or 8 cups in each of the individual packages. There are 16 napkins in each pack.

LEGO Party Decorations

There are some fun LEGO party decorations you can use to decorate your party room. There are Mylar or foil balloons you can fill with helium or air and put them in the room. They are bright, colorful and fun...just what LEGO party decorations should be!

"LEGO Ville 18"" Foil Balloon"

There are some cute table centerpieces with this LEGO Theme. You can put them on your tables and let red and blue latex balloons float around the party room. Tie some curling ribbon to each balloon so it hangs down or use the balloons as a party centerpiece.

LEGO Activity Placemats

LEGO Activity Placemats will dress up your party table and they will entertain the kids. Print out some LEGO coloring pages too. Throw some crayons on the table and let everyone color and have a blast. Coloring and fun activity mats are just the thing to brighten up a LEGO birthday party theme.

LEGOVille Activity Placemats (4)

LEGOVille Activity Placemats (4)

LEGO Party Favors

LEGO Party Favors come in a party favor box and this box is full of LEGO fun for the kids at your party. This party favor is perfect for a LEGO birthday party theme. It's a box you have to fold together and then fill with the supplies that you get with it. You get a LEGO theme decorated box and here are the favors you get with it:

  • LEGO® Ville blowout
  • LEGO® Ville stickers
  • Toy fire engine
  • Color dough
  • Cookie cutter
  • Sheriff's badge clip
Here's a picture of the LEGO party favor box so you can see exactly what your favor box and favors will look's great!

LEGOVille Party Favor Box

LEGOVille Party Favor Box

Take a look at the Fire Hydrant Cups, and the LEGOVille Sticker Sheets to dress up the party a little bit more.

LEGO Party Games

Duplo Brick Box 5416 by Lego

Duplo Brick Box 5416 by Lego
LEGO Party Games are simple to plan...let the kids play with LEGOs. Construction projects are fun when you are using LEGO Bricks to make things. A LEGO birthday party theme needs some fun games for the kids to play. Here are a few ideas for you to pick from.

Play Toss The LEGO. Put a cup about 6 feet away from the "Toss Line." Let kids stand at the line and try to toss LEGOs into the cup. The one who gets the most Bricks in the cup wins!

Stack The LEGOS. Let the kids stack the LEGOs as high as they can without having the tower fall over.

Guess How Many. Put lots of LEGOs in a jar and let the kids count how many Bricks are in the jar. The child who guesses the correct amount in the jar wins

The LEGO Relay Race. Set up a start/finish point and a mid-point. Form two teams and let the games begin. The first child has to run to the mid-point where there is a LEGO for each contestant. They must grab a LEGO and run back to the starting line where they have to hand the Brick over to the next child. That child must run to the mid-point and take another Brick, return and hand both to the next child...and so on until the last player returns to the finish line with the correct number of for each team member.

LEGO Cake And Cupcake Decorating Ideas

You can find LEGO Cake and Cupcake Decorating Ideas on Ebay. Try some edible cake images or cupcake images. These decorations are easy to use...simply put them onto a frosted cake or cupcake...and you are done. Easy, inexpensive and they look great!

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