Learn About Webkinz World

by Karen
(Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

Webkinz: Getting to Know the On-line Webkinz World

Entering the Webkinz on-line world brings your adopted pet to life. You are given 2000 KinzCash, a medium sized room, and three surprise gifts. Hint: open your gift in your Webkinz room to see what you have been given. One gift will consist of your first Webkinz bed. You may be overwhelmed and just won't know where to start.

Just begin by exploring your "Things to Do" navigation bar. This will navigate you to every part of the Webkinz World. Underneath the category "Pets" you have buttons that will take you to your room, your own page, an area about your pet, the adoption center in case you bring home a new Webkinz pet, the clinic, the academy and the Webkinz Stadium.

Start by clicking on "Me and My Pets". This will tell you when you opened your account and when it's about to expire. It will list all your on-line Webkinz pets. When you click on the tab "Daily KinzCare" click on the day of the week and be awarded a food item for your pet.

Click on "My Room" and you will see where your pet will be spending most of their time. By clicking on the "Things to Do" tab once again, you can select the "W Shop" and start shopping for your new room area. At the "W Shop" there is a button titled "Room Themes". You can explore the different room themes and choose the theme you would enjoy having for your pet. There are over 28 room themes to choose from and Webkinz is always growing.28

Do you enjoy all different sports? If so, pick out the Sports Fan Theme. Setting up your room will be an adventure. Try earning enough KinzCash to buy additional rooms and add several themes to your Webkinz home.

Once you have explored the "W Shop" and done some shopping for your pet's room, don't forget to monitor your new Webkinz well-being. Your pet has happiness, health and hunger meters located at the bottom left at all times. This will let you know what your pet is craving. Keep your pet happy all the time!

Party Ideas: Webkinz trading cards are great goodie bag treats. Each pack comes with up to five feature codes that unlock surprises in your virtual Webkinz World. Also, for the card collector, the pack also contains a code to unlock collector's card on-line.

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