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The Modern Ladybug Shower Theme Is Just One Of The Many Baby Shower Themes You Can Pick From.
Find the perfect shower theme and accessories so you can plan a fabulously fun shower for the special "Mom To Be"! Black and red ladybugs against a background of pink flowers and black polka dot are just the pattern to set for a cheerful shower.

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The Ladybug Invitations

You can choose from three different style ladybug invitations when you pick this cheerful pattern as your shower theme. The first are the fill in invitations...which means these decorated invites have spots for you to fill in...usually the time, date, who the shower is for and where it's being held along with an RSVP number to call. Quick, easy and cute as a ladybug! Modern Ladybug - Fill In Baby Shower Invitations - set of 8 invitations/white envelopes

The second invite is a personalized one and you can fill up to fourteen lines. These ladybug invites have a squiggle shape and are made of quality 120# premium grade kromekote gloss stock. They are 7 X 5 and come with envelopes. Modern Ladybug - Personalized Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

The third style ladybug invitations are also 5 X 7 and come with envelopes. They have a lovely vellum overlay and are made of the same high quality stock paper, 120# premium grade kromekote gloss paper, as the personalized invites listed above. The vellum is the finishing touch on these pretty invites. Modern Ladybug - Personalized Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Modern Ladybug - Personalized Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Ladybug Shower Theme Supplies

The Ladybug Shower Supplies come in individual packs of plates, cups and napkins and in party packs - one for up to 16 baby shower guests and the other for up to 32 guests. These party supplies are decorated with the same little red and black ladybug with a background of flowers and polka dots. Add up your guest list to see which pack you should buy.

Modern Ladybug - 16 Baby Shower Party Pack

Modern Ladybug - 16 Baby Shower Party Pack

Read what comes with each will find that the larger party packs come with a personalized ladybug baby shower banner, balloons, streamers and round stickers. The 32 person shower pack includes all the above and a diaper cake plus 5 downloadable, printable baby shower party games.

Ladybug Shower Theme Decorations

Your party supplies are so colorful and bright that you don't need to go crazy with your baby shower decorations. Use some color co-ordinated latex balloons, some streamers and perhaps a banner to welcome the Mom To Be and all her party guests. You will find all these items here along with some ladybug centerieces, placemats and even some party favor bags and cupcake wrappers.

Modern Ladybug - 12 Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers

All these are simple, fun ways to decorate your baby shower without having to go "crazy". The party favor bags will hold the favor you have chosen and you can make your own ladybug shower cupcakes if you get the cupcake wrappers.

The Ladybug Shower Theme Diaper Cake

Decoration and Gift this Ladybug Shower Diaper Cake is always a welcome sight at any baby shower. It's made from lots of disposible diapers that will get used quickly when baby arrives. But for now, look how pretty it's always great to see a diaper cake at a baby shower~

2 Tier - Modern Ladybug Diaper Cake

2 Tier - Modern Ladybug Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Favors With A Ladybug Theme

Look at these cute baby shower favors with a Ladybug theme. Aren't they just perfect for your party? Who wouldn't enjoy getting one of these shower favor ideas? It's great to get a party favor that you will actually use, isn't it?

Modern Ladybug  - Body Butter Personalized Birthday Party FavorsModern Ladybug - Lip Balm Personalized Birthday Party Favors

Click on the picture to find more information about these baby shower favor ideas or any of the other shower ideas on this page.

Baby Shower Theme Games

Fun, fun, fun baby shower games! Plan lots of games and keep that fun just moving along during your baby shower. You can find printable baby shower games to play and then some real funny hands on games like "Dirty Diapers" and "The Baby Shower Drinking Game" for some hard laughs from both the guests and the contestants!

Blue Dirty Diaper Game - Boy Baby Shower Game - (10 diapers)

Pink Dirty Diaper Game - Girl Baby Shower Game - (10 diapers)

"My Water Broke" (Caucasian) - Baby Shower Game - (16 babies in tray)

The printable games are easy to print out and you can get as many copies as you like. They are not expensive at all with the big pack of 75 for only about 20.00. Plus you can buy just one or two if you like. Take a look and see which ones you want to play.

Baby Shower Sketch-A-Guest

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

The Deluxe Baby Party Games Collection

The Ladybug Shower Theme is quite popular with the Mom To Be circuit and you can see why. It' bright, cheerful and fun and you can find all the supplies, decorations, party favors and games that will make your ladybug shower the most fun ever!

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