Ladybug Party Themes For Kids Birthday Parties

Use Ladybug party themes for your kids birthday parties this season. Little girls and boys will enjoy this bright and cheerful party theme. Just look at all the ladybug party decorations and party favor ideas you can find to use with your party theme. And there are Ladybug Personalized party supplies so you can put your child's image right on your partyware! You can also get regular party supplies without the personalization.

Ladybugs Bring Good Luck

It has been said Ladybugs bring good luck...well, they certainly are a lucky kids party theme. Why are they lucky? Because you can find so many different party supplies with Ladybug party themes and that goes for party favors too. There are antenna, headbands, wings, wands and more, all so you can play Ladybug dress up at your party. Kids love to play dress up games. Perhaps there's a fun idea with dressing up for a lucky ladybug relay race.

Ladybug Wall Decals To Decorate Your Party

Some fun party decorating ideas are using the Giant Ladybugs wall decals...these wall decals are large, cute and colorful. Another fun thing about the wall decals is they are easy to put on your walls and easy to remove as well. That makes party clean up easy on you. When you take down the decals put them in your daughter's room or in the family playroom. They will last a long time and are so cute...your kids will love them.

Wall decals are not the only party decoration ideas we have...there are table cloths, table centerpieces, balloons, streamers and of course, theme partyware...all with a ladybug theme.

Get Some Lady Bug Facts

Get some Lady bug facts to share with your guests. Present some interesting facts about ladybugs, show pictures, tell facts about where they live, what they eat and then let each guest try to draw a ladybug. There are also stories and poems about ladybugs you can incorporate into your party plan. Teach the girls a poem or even a song about these cute little spotted bugs. Or work together and write a ladybug poem to commemorate this special celebration.

Contact us and ask for our interesting Lady bug facts paper. We will send you an email with some fun facts for you to use at your party. Use the contact button on our site navigation bar or the contact box at the bottom of this page to contact us. Make sure you give us your email to reply and that you ask for the lady bug facts sheet!

LadyBug Party Themes and Craft Ideas

Ladybug birthday parties need some ladybug craft ideas. Easy craft ideas for kids start with simple materials like rocks and paints or paper plates and construction paper. You can make a lady bug paper plate project or paint a rock red and add black spots and some eyes. Won't everyone be thrilled with their very own pet rock!

You can also make a lady bug out of paper plates. Use red ones, and use black construction paper to make the spots. Glue them onto a plate, draw some eyes and antenna and you've got a ladybug craft. You can punch a hole in the top an loop some string through your plate to make a hanger.

How about some free printable ladybug coloring pages. Print some out, add some crayons...make sure there are plenty of reds and black ones, and let your party guests color the day away. Young girls and boys enjoy coloring.

Lady Bug Designs

How about some lady bug designs and a little face paint? It's easy to draw a lady bug. Just draw a red circle and add a few black dots to each girls face or arm using gentle face paint. Get some with glitter in it to really make your art work sparkle. You don't have to be Picasso to draw a ladybug...and the girls will be thrilled with the art work you have drawn. Make sure to take a picture of each little girl when your done. This is the perfect face painting idea for your Ladybug party themes.

Ladybug Party Themes Need Games

Pin the Spots on the Lady Bug is a fun game you can make your self. Cut out a huge circle out of red poster board. Then cut small black circles out of construction paper. Put some double sided tape on one side of the black circles. Use two of the black circles as eyes...just add a bit of white to each one and put a black dot in the middle with a black marker and pin it towards the front of the red circle. That is your ladybug body and it's up to the guests to put the spots where they belong.

How about a pinata game? This little lady is a pull string model and that means it is a safe and fun kids party game. Just fill your pinata with goodies...treats or candies, and let each party guest take a turn pulling a string. Finally, one child will pull the secret string that will make the pinata break open...then more fun begins as everyone tries to gather as many goodies as they can!

A kids birthday party should be filled with interesting activities and crafts, fun games and delicious party cakes or cupcakes. A kids birthday party should be fun for everyone and your child's party can be all those things when you use Ladybug birthday party ideas.

Ladybug Birthday Cake Ideas

Your Ladybug party themes need some easy, but attractive ladybug birthday cake ideas that will make your guests OOH and AHH when they see your decorated cake. But it is easy to make a ladybug cake. Make a round cake, frost it with red frosting...just mix some white cake frosting with a couple drops of red food coloring. Frost your cake and decorate it with Junior Mints. Make two eyes with your Junior Mints and add a dab of white frosting on them. Place 1 chocolate chip in the middle of the white frosting and you just made eyes! You can use black string licorice to make an antenna or two. That is the basic cake...but you can get as creative as you like. You might want to use some string licorice to make some eye lashes for your lady!

Click on the red X to go to PartyWorks where you can find all kinds of cake and cupcake decorating accessories...including some lady bug sugar decorations.

Garden Party Cupcakes Decorating Kit

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It's easy to make lady bug cupcakes too. Just find the right size M&M's to put on your red frosting. And cupcakes are just the right size for those little hands. Cupcakes decorating ideas are the perfect birthday dessert for your Ladybug party themes.

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