Ladybug Party Decorations

Here are some really cute Ladybug party decorations for those Ladybug party themes that have become so popular as a little girl's birthday celebration.

And why not choose Ladybug party decorations? Ladybugs are such cute little insects, red with black dots. Make your own ladybug party invitations. Cut out some red construction paper in an oval shape. Draw some black dots on one side, color in a couple of eyes and draw a two lines for antennae. Flip it over and write your party's information on the other side. Everyone will be so thrilled with your homemade party invites! They are easy and fun to make at home yourself.

Ladybug Birthday Cake

You can make your own ladybug birthday cake with this cake pan. It comes with the instructions you will need to decorate a cute cake for your party guests. You can decorate your cake with frosting or you can use some candy. Milk Duds or mini Junior Mints will make great spots for the back of the ladybug. Black string licorice is perfect to make some antennae and eyes are easy with mini marshmallows and some chocolate chips!

If you like the way the cake looks in the picture, that's a pretty easy design. Go to your local cake decorating supply store and get some sugar flowers for the design on the back. Make two bowls of pink and one pinker! Frost the back of the cake in the lighter pink icing and the front in the darker pink frosting. Cut a marshmallow in several slices and use it for the white of the eyes. Use some black cake decorator gel to fill in the eyes, eyelashes and mouth. Use two pieces of black licorice for antennae and use a little of the darker pink frosting in heart shapes to complete your cake!

Ladybug Pinata

Your going to need a party game for your Ladybug party...but which one? Here's the perfect solution to the fun game problem, a Oh So Sweet Ladybug Pinata. Make sure to order a pull string conversion kit for your pinata, so it's a safe and fun game for all those excited party guests you have. All you will need is some pinata filler or candies to hide inside the pinata.

Check out the party favor boxes, each filled with a 5" ladybug bean bag, ring, notepad, pen, blowout and sticker sheet. Or just get some Ladybugs sticker sheets and cone hats to amaze your guests.

Now you have Ladybug party decorations, homemade cake instructions and even a fun party what are you waiting for? Look online for some Ladybug coloring pages to use as an activity and your party planning will be complete!

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