Sweet Ladybug Party Decorations

Sweet Ladybug Party Decorations for your child's birthday celebration. Ladybugs are the ideal Spring and Summer party theme for kids. These Party Supplies and decorations are bright and colorful. There are plenty of interesting ideas you can use to entertain your party guests. Get interesting ladybug facts, read a ladybug story or poem, serve some mouth watering cupcakes that look just like a ladybug. Add a fun party game for kids, or two and a craft project...now, that's an instant recipe for a successful and fun kids birthday party.

And here's the Ladybug party decorations and supplies you will need for this ladybug party...WOW, all I can say is, "Sweet"!

Sweet Ladybug Thank You Notes

Sweet Ladybug Party Ultimate Box

Sweet Ladybug Ultimate Favor Set

Ladybugs Bring Good Luck

I've heard that Ladybugs bring good luck, and seeing these lovely ladybug party decorations and supplies, I have to say, I feel lucky already. This is one of the prettiest party theme patterns I have seen. It's, well, it's Sweet!

Just to show you how lucky ladybugs can be, take a look at the choices of kids birthday party favors you have with this Sweet Ladybug Party Theme. There are three different favor box choices, the Ultimate, the Deluxe, and the Sweet Ladybug favor set. Plus, there are many other party favors to choose from for those who like to pick out individual party favors and not buy a favor box.

Sweet Ladybug Dinner Plates

Sweet Ladybug Deluxe Favor Set

Sweet Ladybug Favor Set

Face Painting For Kids Party Fun

Face Painting is a special event, and so is your birthday celebration...so put the two of them together. It's easy to make a drawing of a ladybug. Just make a red circle, two tiny dots for eyes and spots on the back...use glitter paint for an extra special effect. Make sure the paint you are using is gentle and made just for painting children's faces.

Another fun party activity you can use with this Ladybug party theme is making flowers out of tissue. It's easy and fun, and all you need is some tissue paper. Find out how to make Tissue Paper Flowers

How about making some friendship bracelets? Find out how to make an edible Edible Friendship Bracelets. It's a fun kids craft project that kids will enjoy.

Ladybug Party Decorations and Game Guide

Get a guide to girls only party ideas. This helpful party guide has decoration ideas, food ideas, party activities and games...everything you need to host an all girls birthday party. Take a look and find out about fun ideas like:

  • Cotton Ball Relay
  • Body Glitter
  • Jewelry Hunt
  • Heart Keepsake Boxes
Girls Only Party Ideas

Now, if you would like Ladybug Party Guide where you can get fun ideas like:

  • Ladybug Pet Rock...make a ladybug pet rock as a party favor to take home
  • Ladybug Headband Craft...how to make ladybug antennas
  • Fly Away Home...ladybug musical party game
  • Ladybug Toss...have some fun with this game and craft combo activity
  • Oragami Butterflies...make butterflies and learn origami
  • Take Home Garden...Guest plant and take home a real garden
  • Free Ladybug Coloring Page

Have fun with these great party ideas and these Sweet Ladybug Party Decorations and Supplies.

Sweet Ladybug Party Guide

Ladybug Cakes What Do Ladybugs Eat?

Of course, you are going to want to look at your choices for Ladybug cakes.

The answer to the question, what do ladybugs eat, is...at my parties they eat cake.

This is a good cake to make yourself, it is very easy to make a ladybug cake. You can start off with a specialty cake pan shaped like a ladybug...just look at the picture below this paragraph. It's cute...but you can make this cake with out if if you like. Just make a round cake and ice it with pink frosting...to match the party supplies. Get a box of Junior Mints and put them down on the cake...they are the spots. Use two of the Junior Mints to make your Lady bugs eyes too. Add a dab of white frosting to each of the eyes, and then put a chocolate chip in the middle of the white frosting. There are your eyes. You can get some string licorice, black of course, and use it as the antennas.

Not bad for a homemade cake! I am sure it looks great...and imagine how impressed your child will be, knowing you made this cute looking cake!

The cake below is frosted with red, and that is the correct color for a ladybug, but I like pink with this party theme pattern. Of course, you can decide to make your ladybug cake any color you like!

Mini Ladybug Plush Toy

Ladybug Cake Pan

Ladybug Lip Gloss

You can also make cupcakes using the same basic idea. Make your cupcakes, frost them with pink frosting. Use chocolate candies or M&M's as the eyes and the spots. There you have it, Ladybug cupcakes. The perfect party dessert to match your Ladybug party decorations.

Sweet Ladybug Party Game Ideas

I see a party game that's perfect for your Sweet Ladybug party decorations and theme. In fact, this party game is made to match this theme. It is pictured below, to find out more about it, just click right on the picture.

There are other game ideas too. Have a relay race. Put your guests into two teams. There must be a start and a midpoint to the race course. The start and the finish are in the same place. Have each child carry over the ladybugs spots to the midpoint where a red paper or cardboard circle will be. The child must carry the spots over in a spoon and place it on the red circle. Then each child must return to the start line and pass the spoon to the next team mate. The game goes on until one entire team has had a turn.

When the game is over, let each team go and glue the spots on their ladybug!

Sweet Ladybug Personalized Banner

Sweet Ladybug Personalized Button

Sweet Ladybug Game

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