Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug cupcakes are too cute! It's easy to decorate your own homemade cupcakes. All you need are your baked and cooled cupcakes, some pink or red cake frosting, a little bit of white cake frosting, some Junior Mint candies or M&M's, two chocolate chips or tiny pieces of the Junior Mints and some black string licorice.

Frost your cupcakes with the red or the pink icing. Place Junior Mints or M&M's on the cupcakes...they are your Ladybug's spots. Now place two candies in the front where the eyes should be.

Put a dab of white frosting on the eye candy and place a chocolate chip or small piece of chocolate candy in the center of the white. There's your ladybuy with eyes. The string licorice will make your antennas and you've got a cute cupcake. And it was easy to decorate this birthday cupcake!

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Little ladybug mini cakes are perfect for garden and tea parties, and of course there's always a ladybug party theme. Take a look at our party supply can see them in the pictures on this page, the theme is "Oh So Sweet Ladybugs." And they are very pretty...perfect for a little girls birthday party theme. Get more party ideas at our Lady Bug Party Page.

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