Lady Bug Party Ideas For Kids

Lady Bug party ideas and party supplies for a Ladybug theme party are very easy to find. The Lady Bug is a wonderful idea for a kids birthday party...especially in the Spring and Summer months. Look how bright and cheerful these party supplies are!

Or The Personalized LadyBug Party Supplies

When you decide to use a Lady bug party theme for your kids birthday party you have made a smart decision...this party theme has all the supplies, decorations and party favors you will need and that means one stop shopping for everything on your Ladybug party checklist! And you get to choose from the regular decorated party supplies or the ...and other personalized party supplies...imagine your little girl on your party much fun it that?

Be sure to consider the ...these giant wall decals are the perfect party decoration. They are easy to apply, easy to remove and boy, do they dress up a party room! When your party is over these wall decals make a wonderful bedroom or playroom decoration.

Lady Bug Party Favor Ideas

Kids love to get a party favor when they go to a friends birthday celebration. A party favor is nice to give, it's like saying thank you for coming to our party. There are lots of party favor ideas you can use when you throw a Lady bug party. First, let's look at the party favor box you can get along with the party favors you need to fill it. The Oh So Sweet favor box itself is pink and green with a pretty ladybug on look what's inside it:

  • Ladybugs Notepad
  • Ladybugs Stickers
  • Blowout Toy
  • Plush Lady Bug
  • Lady Bug bracelets
  • Box of 4 Crayons
You just have to assemble the box and put the goodies inside it.

If you are looking for an extravagant party favor, I'd like to suggest the . These are so cute and if you don't like them as a party favor, you might decide to dress your little girl up in one. You can see them at the bottom of the page.

If you like to pick out your own party favors, the Oh So Sweet Ladybug pattern gives you the opportunity to do just that, and here are some of the individual kids party favor ideas you will have:

  • Ladybug Bubbles
  • Blowup Toy
  • Notepad
  • Ladybug Plush Toy
  • Stickers
  • Glow Jewelry
  • Ladybugs Bracelets
  • Ladybugs Lip Gloss Key Chains
  • Tiaras
  • Headbands

Ladybugs Party Crafts

You can have fun at your Ladybugs party with some easy kids craft ideas. Make some paper plate crafts...use red plates and black paper can make a paper plate ladybug.

Paint some Rocks with red and black paint...again, you can make a rock ladybug. Or print out some free printable ladybug coloring pages to let your guests color the party away.

Or supply your guests with some Sandy Candy so they can design their own colorful concoctions with sugar. What a Sweet Party Activity to go with these Oh So Sweet party supplies. This party activity comes with 8 bottles of edible "sand" for your guests to mix and match and it also comes with 10 bottles for them to fill.

Lady Bug Party Games

Play Pin the Spots on the Ladybug...make your own game. Cut out a big red circle and make eyes on it. You can use some thin strips of black construction paper to make antennae or legs on your lady. Now cut out some large black circles and put some double sided tape on them. Let the kids pin those spots where they belong!

There is also a really cute ...the pull string makes it safe and a pinata makes it fun. You fill the pinata with some candy or treat filler and let each guest take a turn pulling the pinatas strings. One of the strings will break open the pinata and let those goodies spill out.

Lady Bug Cakes and Cupcake Ideas

Make a Ladybug Cake with the specialty can find here. Or make a round cake and ice it with red frosting. Use Junior Mints for the spots, make eyes and use some black string licorice for antenna.

Ladybug cupcakes are easy...just use the red frosting and some chocolate M&M's as your spots...eyes and string licorice finish the job. You can also use gum drop candies as eyes too. Cupcakes are easy to decorate and serve to your guests. And you have to admit, they are the perfect cupcake design to use with your Lady bug party ideas.

Ladybug Costumes For Kids Are So Cute

My kids never wanted to wait until Halloween to play dress up in costumes, I'll bet yours don't either. So pick out a little Ladybug costume for your daughter, or for your baby. Hey Mom, there is even an Adult Ladybug costume for you and can we talk shoes? There are the cutest flat and heeled Ladybug shoes...I love shoes! Take a look at these fun kids and adult costume ideas. There is even a ladybug costume for the dog!

You could always dress up like a ladybug when you hostess your daughter's Lady Bug Party!

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