Kung Fu Panda Pinata

You party guests are going to love this Kung Fu Panda Pinata because it's the perfect game to use with Kung Fu Panda party ideas!

Look at Po on this 19" pull string pinata...you know, it's the kind where each child gets to pull a string until someone finds the right one...the string that breaks the pinata open and let's all the surprises and candies come spilling out.

You can find some wonderful party supplies for this popular kids birthday party theme and the best part is, you can do all your shopping online from your own home.

There are themed plates and cups plus a fun filled box of party favors including:

  • Color Glow Stick
  • A Kung Fu Panda Mask
  • Ninja Star
  • A Blowout
  • A Sticker Sheet

Everything you need to plan a great kids birthday party including this cake topper so you can decorate your own homemade birthday cake!

Bring the Furious Five and their Master:

  • Tigress
  • Crane
  • Mantis
  • Viper
  • Monkey
  • Master Shifu
to your party and thrill your guests as well as your birthday boy or girl!

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