Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas

Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas

Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas will thrill your little Master and earn you a black belt in party ideas!

Kung Fu Panda is the story of a Panda named Po. His father, Mr. Ping, owns a noodle restaurant and wants Po to take over someday, but Po has a dream of his own. He wants to become a Master of Kung Fu.

The story takes Po on a Kung Fu adventure that includes The tortoise Master Oogway, the red panda Master Shifu and the Furious Five, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane. Po somehow manages to become Dragon Master and must defeat the evil Tai Lung.

Po is a popular theme for a kids birthday party or a play date party theme.

Kung Fu Invitations

You can make your own Kung Fu Panda party invitations or you can buy them online at BuyCostumes. As party supplies go, BuyCostumes is one of the cheapest party supply stores online.

Kung Fu Panda Decorating Ideas

Buy some party supplies with Po and his friends on them. You can get plates, napkins and cups.

Latex party balloons and streamers always make a room look like a Party! Plus they are an inexpensive way to decorate! You can print out pictures of the Kung Fu Panda Characters and tape them onto helium filled latex balloons and let them float around the room. You can also use Panda stickers to decorate the balloons. Why spend a lot of money on party decorations when you can do it for less with lots of balloons. You can save your money for some party favors!

Party Activity Ideas

How about printing out some Kung Fu Panda coloring pages. You can find them online and give each child at your party some crayons. Kids enjoy coloring their favorite cartoon characters. You can hang the pictures around the room with some tape.

Free Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages

A Kung Fu Panda Pinata

A pinata is a great party activity and it goes perfect with Kung Fu Panda party ideas. Just fill the pinata with candies and treats and let the kids pull the string, or hit it with a stick, to break the pinata and have the goodies all spill out.

Buy Costumes has a nice Kung Fu Pinata!

It might sound like BuyCostumes.com is only for Halloween costumes, but they sell party supplies too. They have a large selections of Kung Fu Panda party supplies and you can shop on-line from your own home

Here's a unique activity for your Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas.

A really fun thing to do at your Kung Fu Panda party is to get the kids a quick Kung Fu Lesson! If you know anyone who practices Martial Arts you can ask them to come over and give the kids a talk telling what Kung Fu is all about, and perhaps a quick lesson or demonstration.

If you don't know anyone personally, why not call a local Martial Arts school and see if one of the instructors will stop by. I'm sure there would be a charge, but if it fits into your party's budget...the kids would love it! It certainly is a unique party idea that will bring your good party to the status of a great party.

The kids will be talking about it for a long time.

If you cannot contact the Martial Arts school, try your local high school. One of the students there might take Martial Arts and be willing to do it for you. It might be less expensive to have a student come in rather than an instructor.

Great party ideas don't have to cost a lot of money, they just have to be unique, a little different from the rest.

Make sure you have your camera ready, this scenario will give you plenty of "Kodak Moments". You'll be able to make a party scrapbook or photo album.

As an extra special addition to your party thank you cards you can enclose a picture of each guest in a Kung Fu Pose! That's a great idea and it's so easy for you to do.

Kung Fu Party Supplies

Party Supplies are easy for Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas

  • plates, napkins, cups
  • tablecloth
  • Kung Fu Panda centerpiece
  • Kung Fu Panda pinata
  • Kung Fu Panda goodie bags
  • Kung Fu Panda party favors

Kung Fu Panda Party Games

  • Pin the belt on Po
  • Pinata
  • Treasure Hunt

Party Cake or Kung Fu Panda Cupcake Ideas

Here is what your kids party cake can look like! If you'd like to see more cake or cupcake decorating ideas just click on the Kung Fu Panda cake!

Kung Fu Panda Cake Decorating Kit

The Kung Fu Panda Cake Decorating Kit includes 3 pieces:
  • 1 Po Figure
  • 1 Master Shifu Figure
  • 1 Master Tigress Figure
Each plastic figure is re-usable. Just frost your cake and arrange these Kung Fu Panda figures on the top.

Make your own birthday cake and decorate it with Kung Fu Panda cake toppers. You might be thinking, "I can't decorate a cake!", but Yes you can!b Decorating a cake is easy when you buy edible or plastic cake toppers. Look at that picture, your party cake can look like that! Your party cake will look like a professional decorated it, but You did it!

For kids parties cupcakes are "kid size". Cupcakes are easier for the kids to handle and I think they are easier to make. Either a cake or cupcakes will taste, and look, just great. All you need are some party candles and you'll be set.

Here's some fun costumes that would be so much fun for Kung Fu Panda party ideas or dress your child as Kung Fu Panda for Halloween.

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