Knight Birthday Party Ideas For Young Knights in Shining Armor

You can get Knight Birthday Party Ideas for your young Knight in Shining Armor! This is a fun kids party with fun party games that resemble the jousts of old where glory, honor and chilvary were standards Knights tried to live up to.

Knight Deluxe Birthday Box

Knight Deluxe Birthday Box

Well, make that dream come true with our Knight party ideas and the fabulous Knight party supplies we found for you. There are inflatable swords or a make your own sword kit for those budding young Knights. Color a castle is a fun party activity or make your very own castle with a cardboard box. Joust the day away with some exciting relay style and obstacle type races. Ride a horse...on a wooden stick and challenge your friends in a staged battle to defend the honor of the Kingdom.

Color Your Own Knight Castle

Color Your Own Knight Castle

Wear a crown and sit at a feast fit for a get some of the best homemade birthday cake or cupcake ideas to serve these young would be perfect if you have a round table...that would be just like Camelot! Don't worry if you don't, I am sure your Knights will enjoy that cake at a rectangular or square table just as well. Check out those cool Knight birthday candles to use on your cake or cupcakes!

Knight Invitations (8)

Knight Masks Assorted (4)

Knight Molded Candle

Knight Party Decorations

Look at these Knight Party Decorations I found at Birthday in a Box. Aren't they great? And the best part is they aren't that expensive. Each pack has 4 sheets of assorted Knight wall stickers printed on matte vinyl. That makes it look like the Knights are actually painted right on the wall. These Knight stickers are easy to put on and easy to remove. Get 20+ appliques in each pack. Click on the picture to find our more about these

Knight Wall Decorations

Knight Wall Decorations

Knight Party Favors

Look at these Knight birthday party favors...don't they look fun? I love the Inflatable Sword but I also like the make your own sword craft. Which would be best for your party ideas? You can host a joust with the inflatable swords and make felt banners as your party activity...or you can have each Knight craft his very own sword as a fun activity. Tough choices!

Knight Favor Set

Knight Favor Set

Or take a look at the fun filled Knights party favor box. It comes with a box and inside you will find:
  • Knight Stickers
  • 2 Knight Figures
  • Knight Sticker Book
  • Disc Launchers
  • A Solid Punch Balloon

What Knight wouldn't enjoy this treasure filled favor box? Here is a Knight's Helmet you can use as a party favor...these are pretty cool!

Knight's Helmet (8)

Knight's Helmet (8)

Knight Party Games

Since Knights love to participate in competitions called jousts here are some fun game ideas for party fun at your Knight birthday party.

Find out how to play these fun games by clicking on a picture of the party supplies on this page. Birthday in a Box has party guides to show you how to host the best Knight birthday party ever!

Create a Cross the Moat game if the weather permits.

Merlin's Magic Relay

Three Musketeers Race

Catapult This game sounds really interesting!

Traitor in our Midst!

Call to Arms


Balloon Swords

A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse Knight Party Games For Kids

This is a famous quote about a Knight, King Richard III, who needs a horse..."A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse!" It is from Shakespeare's Richard III, and tells us how important horses where to medieval lets play some horsey games! That a wonderful game selection for your Knight birthday party ideas. Get all the mops and brooms in the Kingdom and make some stick horses your young Knights can ride upon...unless you happen to have a stable of Wooden Horses somewhere around the grounds of your castle.

Stick Horses, Hobby Horse, Broomstick Horse or Stick can make one or a bunch if you like. This can also be a party activity for the kids...with your help, of course.

Actvity Ideas For A Knight Birthday Party - Make A Shield

I found some fun Activity Ideas for a Knights Birthday Party. One is up on the top of the page...Color a enjoy coloring pages of fun pictures so you can be sure they will enjoy coloring their very own cardboard castle. But here is another really exciting party activity for those Knights...Make your own Shield. The Shield is a very important piece of equipment if you are a Knight so this might be of great interest your party guests.

Create Your Own Shields (4)

Create Your Own Shields (4)

Let The Knights Battle The Dragon...Pinata!

Fight a Dragon with the Dragon Pinata! Kids love to play the pinata game and it's so fitting with a Knights party theme to fight a here is the perfect party game for your Knight birthday party ideas. Let your guests have fun and save the Kingdom! Personally I like pull string pinatas for kids parties so I always get the Pull Ribbon Pinata Conversion Kit. It is a very safe way to enjoy pinatas.

Just fill the dragon up with goodies and treats and let each child pull a string. Get the conversion kit for an extra safe and fun kids party game.

Dragon Pinata

Dragon Pinata

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Knight Costumes For Kids and Adults

You never know when you might need Knight could be for Halloween, a Medieval Fair or for your Knight Birthday party! Here are some fun ideas for you.

Knight of the Dragon Toddler Costume - Toddler (2T)

Knight of the Dragon Toddler Costume - Toddler (3T/4T)

Knight Of The Round Table Adult Costume-One-Size

Names Of Famous Knights

Give each of your Knight party guests the name of a famous Knight from history with a name tag and a Knighting Ceremony. Here are a list of the famous Knights I am familiar can use these or make up your own noble names and titles so you can Knight each of your guests.

  • King Arthur
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Perceval
  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Bors
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Ralph Eure
  • Sir Edward Dalyngrygge
  • Sir John de Broughton
  • Sir John Fastolf
  • Sir Richard Croft
  • Sir Thomas Hungerford
Name your guests after these Knights of Olde or let them keep their own names and add the "Sir" to the title. Dub each knight in a quick, but regal ceremony by having each child kneel in front of you...the Queen. Tap each should of the child with an inflatable or cardboard sword saying, " I dub thee Sir...chosen name..." and that's it...your Knighthood Ceremony is that simple!

Did you know that a knight's training usually began at the age of 7 years old when the boy became a "Page". A Page served the knight who was training him doing various chores. When 7 years had passed and the boy was 14 he became a "Squire". As a Squire the young mak was trained to use a lance and he also was allowed to wear armor...heavy, heavy armor. As a squire the young man became an assistant of sorts to a Knight until after 7 years of difficult training he became a Knight himself at the age of 21. The kids at the party might enjoy hearing about how long it actually took to become a Knight.

Medieval Knight's Shield

Medieval Shield

Medieval Shield

Knight Treasure Hunt Game Ideas

Your little knight can protect the castle with honor with our knight figures. These figures come in a package that contains 36 mini guardian knights with armor and weapons in assorted styles. Hide some of these guys in plastic eggs or goodie bags and have a medieval treasure hunt. Each of your Knight party guests gets to keep the figures he finds!

Knight Figures

Knight Figures

Excaliber the Sword in the Stone

Excalibur Sword

Excalibur Sword

Party Favors Knight Party Guests Want

Knight Ultimate Favor Set

Knight Ultimate Favor Set

Knight's Cape

In addition to shining armor, every knight needs a heroic cape! Sold individually, each child-sized knight cape comes embroidered with a shield and sword design and easily secures with Velcro. Chivalrous little boys will love pretending to slay dragons and save princesses in this classic costume accessory.

Knight Cape

Knight Cape

Knights Of Camelot Standees Perfect For Parties or Proms

This supplies says, "Our exclusive Knights of Camelot Standees feature two medieval knights and their steeds cloaked in purple and red ready for a joust. Each free-standing knight standee is made from sturdy cardboard and measures 6 feet high x 4 feet 10 inches wide. Give your knight, fairytale or princess themed party the feel of a medieval jousting tournament. Easy assembly and it's the perfect accesssory at a Knight birthday party.

Knights Of Camelot Standees Set/2

Knights Of Camelot Standees Set/2

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