Knight Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Find The Fun Knight Birthday Party Ideas For Kids You Need To Plan Your Next Kids Birthday Party.

Find the party supplies, the fun, fun, fun party games, the party favor ideas to bring kids back to the days of yore when Knighthood was an honorable and respected vocation.

Knight Party Supplies

Knight Party Supplies come in many different sized packs...large and small. You can find a Knight theme party supplies pack that is full of the party paper supplies and some decorations for your Knight party. There's even one box that includes party favors. Check them out by clicking on any picture.

Knight Deluxe Party Pack with 8 Favor Boxes

Knight Deluxe Party Pack with 8 Favor Boxes

Knight Favor Ideas Including Temporary Knight Tattoos

Take a look at these Knight Favor Ideas Including Temporary Knight Tattoos. I found this Knights party favor box full of fun stuff kids will enjoy getting. The Knight favor box include:

  • 1 Stone Castle Box
  • A Dragon Mask
  • Knight Sticker Sheet
  • Glow Necklace
  • Trophy
  • Knight Figurine
  • Candy Pop Rocks
Take a look!

Knight Party Favor Box

Knight Party Favor Box

Knight Tattoo Are Perfect For Your Knight Birthday Party Ideas

These Knight Tattoo will make a great addition to your party favors. Or use them as game prizes or a party activity...put them on the kids...these Knight Tattoos are so much fun!

Knight 1

Knight 1



Jousting and Feasting at a Party fit for a Knight

Invite those lucky party guests to a celebration filled with Jousting games and Feasting at a Party fit for a Knight.

Create your own Knights Shield using this fun kids craft kit. It's an exciting project the kids at your Knights party will really enjoy making!

Create Your Own Shields (4)

Create Your Own Shields (4)
Turn back time and transform your yard or party room to a medieval kingdom with the spotlight on your prince or princess. Complete with a town crier, king, queen and court jester, recreate this magical world highlighting chivalry, bravery and old-school fun! With hand-delivered scroll invitations, this knight party raises the flag with amazing activities and games.

Medieval Knight Games and Activities

Find some Medieval Knight Games and Activities right here. Plan lots of these fun games for your kids birthday party...after all, a lot of fun party games equals lots of happy party guests.

This Knights Helmet is a pretty cool party accessory.

Knight's Helmet

Knight's Helmet

Running The Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet is an obstacle course racing game. The first army of Knights who make it back to home base are the winners!

Jointed Suit of Armor Cutout

Jointed Suit of Armor Cutout

Here's how to play Running The Gauntlet with your party guests. Use your own ideas and combine them with ours!

- using pool noodles create a "Hall of Swords" for party guests to run through

- added obstacles include a cardboard tunnel full of holes

- stick empty wrapping paper tubes through the holes to further slow down contestants

Jousting Games For Knights

Jousting Games for Knights are always the most fun at a Knight party.

Armor Set

Armor Set

Here is how to make your own Jousting Games to use with your Knight Birthday Party Ideas.

- wrapping paper tube swords serve as the weapons-of-choice

- outline the jousting area with a chalk line or brightly colored rope or streamer

- position jousting area around a tree and hang a bucket of water on a branch

- object of the jousting match is to knock the bucket of water soaking the opponent while keeping oneself dry

Look at this Knight's Armor you can use for some dress up fun!

Searching For The Holy Grail

Searching For The Holy Grail is a fun treasure hunt or scavenger hunt game idea. Just like the Templar Knights of olde your party guests will be on this hunt for the legendary Holy Grail.

Knight Molded Candle

Knight Molded Candle

Here's how to play this Knight treasure or scavenger hunt game for kids.

- divide "knights" into two teams

- each team uses own map to locate and uncover clues (trivia clues about King Arthur)

- winning team is the one who finds the hidden Holy Grail (plastic goblet with cross sticker)

Get some fun ideas from us and use them with your Knight birthday party ideas.

Sword in the Stone

A Game True Knights Will Love...Sword in the Stone. Make sure you plan lots of games for your Knight Birthday Party Ideas!

Knight of the Dragon Child Costume - Small (4/6)

Knight of the Dragon Child Costume - Small (4/6)

Playing the Sword in the Stone will make your guests feel like Knights of the Round Table!

- determine who will reign as King of Camelot

- set up a large cardboard box with slots cut for baseball bats, golf clubs, pool noodles and other "swords" with only the handles visible

- make sure only one "sword" can be pulled out

- cover box with sheets and/or towels to hid box and make it appear as a large stone

- guest who pulls out sword is crowed King of Camelot and wins a royal crown

Look at this fun Medieval Knight costume for kids. It's the perfect Medieval Halloween costume idea or use it as a fun dress up tool at your kids birthday party.

Knight Coloring Pages

Use these free, printable Knight Coloring Pages to entertain the guests at your Knight party. Combine these fun coloring sheets with the activities you are planning for your Knight birthday party ideas and have a great time. Put some into each childs goodie bag with some crayons...after all, you can take as many as you like. They are free!

Free Knight Coloring Pages

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