Kitty Cat Party Ideas

Every cat lover would enjoy Kitty Cat party ideas, so why not consider this theme for your next kids birthday party. Get some feline fun going and your little kittens will be happy as can be.

Here's the Party Cats pattern.

Party Cats Thank You Notes

Party Cats Deluxe Box

Party Cats Birthday Box

More Kitty Cat Party Ideas

You can find all the Kitty Party Ideas here. It's the perfect party theme for a little girl who loves kittens and cats. Would that describe your daughter? Kitty Cat party ideas might just be for you!

Here are some of the Little Kitty party theme supplies. But you probably don't even have to look at them, everyone knows who Little Kitty is! But did you know that Little Kitty has a pull string pinata?

Kitty Cat Party Supplies

There are several different sets of Kitty Cat party supplies you can choose from. There are the Party Cats, Glamour Cats and Hello Kitty theme. Take a look at the pictures on this web page and you will see each one of them. You will find all the supplies you need including:

  • Party invitations
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Stickers
  • Party Favors
  • Decorations
  • Cake and Cupcake Decorations
Why not take a look at our Party Supply List. Print it out and check off the party supplies you already have. It will help you to stay organized as you plan your little girls' or boys' party.

You can make your own kitty party invitations with some construction paper and cat stickers. Just cut each piece of construction paper in half and then fold it in half so it looks like a card. Put your party information on the inside and decorate the outside with stickers. Make up a verse for your homemade party invitation. Say something cattish like, "Come on over for some Purr-fectly wonderful Kitty Cat party ideas, Meow".

Here are some pictures of the Glamour Cats party theme supplies. Click on the picture if you'd like to see more.

Purr-fectly Lovely Party Favors

Party favor boxes with a Kitty Cat theme are Purr-fect for your kids party. There are pre-filled boxes you can buy or you can pick out your party favors yourself. Some of the boxes have a cute little plush kitty in it. The Glamour Cats favor box has:

  • Glamour Cats Sticker Sheet
  • a Glamour Cats Blowout
  • Heart Notepad
  • Crayons
  • Feather Ring
  • Faux Pearl Necklace
If you look at the Party Cats you will find:
  • A Cat Silly Straw
  • Cat Cookie Cutter
  • Plush Cat Toy
  • Stickers
  • Play Dough
You can choose the one you like best or buy those favors separately.

With a cat theme there are lots of party activities you can use to entertain your little guests. Face Painting is always fun. Give each girl a kitty nose and some whiskers. You can also draw or paint some whiskers and a nose on your party balloons.

Kitty Cat Party Food Ideas

Hey, even a Kitty has to eat. Goldfish crackers are a great party snack. Use a cat shaped cookie cutter to make designs in your sandwich bread. Have kitty tuna or chicken salad sandwiches. Or those kid friendly chicken nuggets. Kids love them, and so do cats come to think about it!

Take that cat shaped cookie cutter and make some cookies. Let each girl frost and decorate her own. Kitty Cat party ideas do call for a cat cake or at least some kitten cupcakes. But you can use some cat theme candles to decorate your homemade and frosted cake. Little Kitty has a cake topper.

Kitty Cat Party Games and Activities

Games and activities are so important at a kids party. Keep those little one busy, and you will keep them happy...and we want them happy!

How about a Glamour Cats pull string pinata for a fun party game!

Classic games just won't go away...because they are fun. So use them.

  • Simon Says becomes Kitty Says
  • Treasure Hunt becomes Mouse Hunt...the cats are on the prowl for something tasty...maybe a mouse! Hide a treasure a kitty (a kitty girl) would love in one of those plastic eggs. Hide the eggs all over the house and yard. Let the cats out to find them.
  • How about a game of Copy know, Follow the Leader.
  • Duck, Duck, Goose becomes Kitty, Kitty,Cat!
  • Let's Dance! Teach the girls how to do the Alley Cat.
  • Pin the Tail on the Kitty
  • Kitty Ring Toss...throw rings around stuffed cat toys

  • Kitty Cat Party Craft Ideas

    Crafts are always fun for party girls. And your party shouldn't be an exception. Here are some cute cat craft ideas that aren't expensive. But you don't have to buy can find some free printable cat coloring pages online.

    Make some plush Cat Ear Headbands

    Plush Cat Ear Headbands Purr-fectly fun! These kitty cat headpieces look meow-tastic on every party girl and princess! Lined with marabou trim these purple earpieces look fashionably feline in gift bags!

    Or how about these Fuzzy Kitty pictures?

    12 Color Your Own! Fuzzy Kitty Pictures Get 12 craft kits for your party guests. What a great birthday party favor! Little girls love coloring these fun and fuzzy portraits of Purr-fect Kitty! All you need to supply is some markers.

    Well, there's so many choices to make if you have decided to use these Kitty Cat party ideas. But I am sure you looked everything over carefully and have decided on one of the three feline themes you have seen. They are all cute, and if it's a cat lovers can't go wrong!

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