Kids Pirate Parties For Girls and Boys

Party Supplies and Pirate Costumes

Kids Pirate Parties Ideas Are A Just What You Need For Your Next Kids Birthday Party. Girls And Boys Like A Pirate Themed Party!

Get some pirate party supplies plus boys and girls pirate costumes and you've got yourself a ship and a crew...figuratively speaking! Now all you need is a gang plank, a buried treasure and some maps with a big X that marks the spot where the buried treasure is some loot and doubloons...and you've got just what you need to throw the best pirate party of the year. There are also pink pirate party ideas just for girls pirate fun!

Pirates Party Favor Box

Pink Skull Favor Purse Kit

Pirates Deluxe Party Pack

Pirate Party Supplies can be personalized...that's always fun. Your child's picture on some of the party supplies...the plates, cups, favor boxes, invitations, a centerpiece and even the pirates birthday's really fun to use these personalized supplies for a kids party whether it's for Halloween or a birthday. Take a look at them while you are shopping.

"Pirate Personalized Birthday Banner Standard""

Boys Pirate Costumes - Girls Pirate Costumes

Boys pirate costumes and girl's pirate costumes can be as simple as an eye patch and a bandana. You can make a pirate's cutlass out of cardboard covered with aluminum foil. Make your own treasure maps, bury your own treasure, hide extra treasure clues around the house or yard and plan some buccaneering games that resemble life on the pirate ship.

Skull and Crossbones Child Leg Warmers

Pirate Child Costume Kit - One Size (Fits Sizes 4-8)

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Hat Child

Get some fun costume ideas for kids pirate parties! Those kids will have so much can get a couple outfits and use them in a Pirate Relay Race Game. Form two teams, put 2 bags of pirate clothes across the room, in another area put a big X on the floor...the goal of the game is to have every player on each team go to the bag one at a time, put on the pirate clothes, run around to a big X on the floor, go back to the bag, take off the pirate clothes and go back to the line...then the next player goes...until everyone has had a turn. The first team done is the winner...but everyone gets a prize! Take pictures during this game. Kids pirate parties are a great source of fun pictures.

Get Pirate Names Teach Pirate Speak

First things your crew and then teach your newly appointed crew some pirate speak. That's easy to do and some of them may know a few words already. Arrr, Grog, Grub, Capt'n, Matie, are just a few new words you can use. Why not make your own pirate party invitation and write the words on the back...tell everyone if they plan on joining the crew, they must learn these words. Fill up that invite with this new pirate language...we'll call pirate speak. This will certainly build up a good amount of anticipation for your party and it will help everyone get into the pirate mood!

Kids pirate parties need pirate names so try to make one for each child...Carl Blackbird Wiggins, Black Tooth Dan, One Eyed Chas, Mean Gray Beard, it's easy to make up names for kids pirate parties...just use your imagination. Gun Powder Joe, Mary Meanie Beans, Ship Shape Sue, Wally Dolly May...see!

Pirates Foil Balloon

Pirates Invitations (8)

Pirate Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

Another fun pirate invitation idea is to send a treasure map with an X marking your house or there is the super invite...The Invitation in a can tell I like that one a lot because I used bold print to tell you about it! I just think the invitation/message in a bottle thing is cool and I bet those kids will too.

Pink Skull Thank-You Notes (8)

Pirates Treasure Invitations (8)

Treasure Chest 12" Pinata way or another the kids know there is a pirate party and it's at your house. If you put an RSVP on the invite you should be hearing back from your guests soon so you can count how many kids will be attending. Always have extra everything because not everyone RSVPs. IT would be great if they did, but they don't. The worst thing at a kids party is not having enough party favors, game prizes, pirate costumes or I always plan on two more than I have on my count list. If I am wrong we eat some extra pirate food and have an extra favor box or two. If I am right...I have two happy, happy little pirates and that makes it worth it to me.

Kids Pirate Parties Supply Shopping From Home

A big plus of party shopping and costume shopping online is that you don't have to go out, in the crowds, after work or on a Saturday. You can sit at home on your computer and quickly place an order, see all the fun stuff as you pick it out and pay for it with a credit card...just like you would if you went to the store, except without the line of people ahead of you. Sounds like fun, and you can do it with a cup of Joe, soda or even wine at your side.

Pirate Ship Pinata

Pirate Photo Prop

Pirate Beer Mug

This photo prop is perfect for taking a picture of each of your party guests...I mean crew...and getting a photo to send home with a thank you note! A picture says a thousand words and this one will show how much fun this kids pirate party was!

More Girls Pirate Costumes

Girls pirate costumes are a great Halloween costume idea and if you like Halloween parties you can combine the pirate and the Halloween to host a Halloween pirate party. Boys will enjoy this combined theme as well and there are many boys pirate costumes out there in those online Halloween costume stores that you see links for on this page.

Caribbean Pirate Hat Child

Caribbean Pirate Child Costume (Large - 10)

Caribbean Pirate Child Costume (Medium - 8)

Halloween or Birthday Kids Pirate Parties

Okay, now that you have decided on a Halloween party or a birthday party with a pirate theme, pirate costumes for boys and girls and the invitations, it's time to consider the party plates, cups and supplies...and that includes any decorations you like.

Pink Skull Dog Tag Necklace (1)

Skull and Crossbones Rings (12)

Pirate Bubble Gumball Machine (8)

Check out the big sticker decals for the walls, they are pretty cool. Or it you would rather not spend a lot of money decorating and instead invest that money in games, game prizes and party are a shopper like I am! I am a fan of prizes and favors. They are fun! I love to get them so I know the kids will too.

Pirate Temporary Tattoos are big on my favor and party game list. More party favor and game prize ideas for kids pirate parties includes:
  • Pirate Rubber Duckies
  • Goldmine Gum
  • A Pirate Skull Cup
  • Pirate Hat
  • Pirate Stickers
  • Treasure Chest Favor Boxes
  • Pirate Gumball Machines
  • Glow Sword
  • Eye Patch
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Ring
  • Glow Sticks
  • Plastic Telescope
  • Pirate's Bandana
WOW...I mean, "Shiver Me Timbers"...the crew will love all this bounty. You can even find more fun ideas for pirate loot at the Oriental Trading Company. They have party supplies too, but I usually shop them for game prizes and favors. They will also have lots of fun pirate craft ideas so you can make some pirate equipment or craft projects with your crew. Crafts are always welcome at a pirate birthday or Halloween party.

Pirates Activity Placemats (4)

Skull Cup 16 oz. (8)

Pirate Glow Sword (8)

Pirate Dessert Ideas

Pirate Dessert Ideas Make a pirate cake or cupcakes with the old Jolly Rogers symbol...the skull and crossbones. You can find plastic cake toppers, such as the Pirate Adventure Cake Topper, to make your homemade cake look like a pirate ship or you can design a pirate ship out of a regular cake. Here is a Pirate Ship Cake Pan to bake a cake in. You can find edible cake images to place on your cake or cupcakes with pictures of pirates on them. You can also make a cake that looks like a treasure chest. Thrill your crew with your homemade or store bought pirate cake.

Pirate Adventure Cake Topper

Pink Skull Cupcake Boxes (4)

Gold Coins - Set of 30 (8 sets of 30)

Fun Pirate Party Links

Here are some fun pirate party links for you...just in case you want more fun kids pirate parties ideas. You can find some fun jokes at our Funny Pirate fact, if you have one you can tell it to us!

How about finding some more party ideas for a pirate theme...would you like that? Go to Pirate Theme party ideas. You can find the link for our Halloween costumes here at Pink Pirate Costumes or at Pirate Costume Ideas where you can find Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and even Captain Hook from Peter Pan!

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Here are some more kids pirate parties accessories and supplies and even some costumes for you to look at.

Inflatable Pirate Party Supplies

Look at this inflatable cooler designed to look like a pirate's ship and the inflatable cutlass...that's the name of a kind of pirates sword, is great fun to give your guests as a party favor. The inflatable cutlass is a safe way to hold a pirate's sword fight...something all pirate's love to do.

Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

Pirate Asst. Sweet Creams

30" Inflatable Pirate Sword

Ultimate Party Supplies for Kids Pirate Parties

Check out kids pirate parties and the Ultimate Pirate Pack you can has just about everything you need except the birthday cake. Click on the picture to find more information.

Pirates Ultimate Party Pack

Get Some Pirate Movies

Kids pirate parties can use some DVDs as background music and entertainment. Here are some very popular pirate movies for you and your family, or guests, to watch. Check out each one and see which is the one you want to view.

Pirate Trivia Questions

Pirate trivia questions for kids pirate parties...

  • Who was Jack Sparrow
  • What actor played the part of Jack Sparrow
  • What is the place where dead pirates go
  • What is Sept 19th
  • What does Ahoy mean?
  • What is Grog
  • What is a Land Lubber
The Pirate Trivia Answers
  • Jack Sparrow was a pirate in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"
  • Johnny Depp played the Jack Sparrow character
  • Davy Jones Locker is where dead pirates go
  • Sept 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • Ahoy means hello
  • Grog is a drink
  • A Land Lubber is a non sailor...someone who lives on the land

Here are some fun costume or accessories for your kids pirate parties...I love the pirate nails!

Pirate Child Costume - Large

Skull Shoe Clips

Pirate Nails Set

Family or Group Pirate Costume Ideas

More Pirate costume ideas for the entire family...use the pirate theme as a family or group costume idea.

Lace Pirate Adult Costume - S

Ahoy Matey! Toddler Costume (4-6)

Pirate Mate Child Costume - 10

Kids Pirate Parties and Dog Pirate Costumes

Don't forget to dress up the dog in a pirate costume! If everyone else is going to be in costume then the dog should be too. Look how cute this doggie looks all dressed up like a pirate. Kid pirate parties for Halloween and dog costumes go together perfectly.

Light Up Undead Pirate Adult Costume - Standard

Pirate Dog Costume - Large

Pirate Dog Costume - Medium

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