Kids Halloween Party Ideas and Decorations

Get some Kids Halloween party ideas and decorations with a new party theme, Halloween Fun Friends Party Supplies. There are some fun party ideas for Halloween and they are all right at your fingertips. You can find most of these fun products online and they will make the difference in your kids party this October 31st. Have fun with the kids at your costume party this fall and make the fun happen.

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Halloween Fun Friends Party Supplies

These Halloween Fun Friends party supplies are perfect for a children's costume or class party. This is a party supply theme with monsters, witches, bats, skulls and ghosts on them. But these are not scary halloween party supplies so they are perfect for a kids holiday party. These cute supplies include plates...both dinner and dessert, napkins, cups a tablecloth and a Halloween Gleam centerpiece for a table. Add some orange, black, purple and green latex balloons and some colorful streamers for a fun, festive Halloween look. You can also find a matching personalized party banner to hang inside or out.

Outside Halloween Party Decorations

If you want to decorate the outside of your home to let everyone know the party's here you can get a set of Halloween lawn signs and welcome people by playing some kids spooky sounds CD. Hang some Halloween hanging or pumpkin swirl decorations in your party room to complete that festive Halloween look.

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Halloween Party Games For Kids

Start the party games with a Pumpkin Pinata. You can also choose from a Frankenstein pinata or a 40" Bat. Get the pull string conversion kit to make your pinata game as safe as can be. Buy your pinata fillers, fill and hang the pinata and let the kids take turns pulling a string until the pinata opens and the goodies all spill out.

Another fun Halloween party game is the pumpkin bean bag toss. It is an inflatable game that is perfect for a kids party. It isn't very expensive and the kids will enjoy playing it.

You can make your own pumpkin bowling game with a very small pumpkin and some 16 ounce soda bottles filled with sand and painted orange and black. Kids love to play so plan lots of Halloween party games for your costume party.

Want some game prizes? How about some Halloween bubbles...they are always a big hit with the kids. You can also find some really fun Halloween craft ideas for your party at the Oriental Trading Company. Get some fun kids Halloween party ideas from them too. You will find some scary and funny candy, craft ideas, goodie bags, pumpkin decorating kits, cans of slime, and those cute glow in the dark Halloween rubber duckies shaped like a Mummy, a Witch, a Ghost, A Vampire, a Monster...they are soooo cute!! Find the perfect kids Halloween party ideas for favors and game prizes!

Frankenstein Halloween Photo Prop

The Frankenstein photo prop is perfect for a Halloween party. Get the camera ready because this cardboard prop has a face hole cutout. The face cutout is 5.75" wide x 7.25" high and the prop is 37" wide x 25" high. You will be able to take some great pictures of all your guests using this fun prop. Send one home with a thank you note. Everyone will be thrilled to get one of these pictures. And the best news is this Frankenstein photo prop is cheap! It is only 5.99...where can you buy this much fun for six dollars?

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Use our easy Halloween cupcake ideas! Last, but not least, is your Halloween party dessert. There is a pumpkin cupcake pan that will make pumpkin shaped cupcakes. You can put some orange frosting and candy pieces out on the table and let each guest ice and decorate their own cupcake. You can give them some cupcake decorating ideas...put out sprinkles, candies and sugar decorations and let the kids use their imaginations to create a fabulous cupcake design. You can also take some pictures of the kids...each with their own homemade Halloween cupcake. Pictures are worth a thousand words when they are pictures of kids!

Kids Halloween Party Ideas Are Fun

Kids Halloween party ideas are fun for everyone! There you have supplies and decorations, fun party games to play, some photo opportunity ideas and cupcake decorating ideas that double as a kids party activity. One more fun idea to share with you is mini pumpkins. Get enough mini pumpkins so each of your Halloween party guests has one. Let everyone paint and decorate their own Halloween pumpkin and then they get to take it home with them. Prepare some Halloween bags, made with markers, stamps and stickers, and let the kids load up the pumpkins they decorated and send them home...happy, tired and full. Just the way you should leave a party!

We hope you enjoyed our kids Halloween party ideas and we are sure they made your creative juices start to simmer with lots of creative party ideas for kids of your own. We love to give you the start of a fun party, but in the end it is going to be your own unique ideas that make your party special!

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