Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas are fun to think about and easy to make. Take a look at the birthday cake pictures we have to show you. You can make these designs on your cake when you see these pictures and read the directions. To get some cake decorations and decorating kits check out The Party Works.

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Fun Cake Designs

These Fun Cake Designs are also easy to make. Use candies or goodies you have around the house to make your cakes look good. Necco candies are good to use, so are:

  • M&Ms
  • String Licorice
  • Junior Mints
  • Gummy Candies
We will talk more about the different candies you can use to make designs on your cakes. Using candies doesn't take any special decorating know how or tools. Just frost your cake and make different designs with the candies. Just picture a red frosted cake with lots of Junior Mints on it. Put two white frosting circles in the front. Place a black dot in the center of each one and you've got a pretty cute Ladybug cake. You can add string licorice as antenna. I told you that making fun cake designs was easy.

Unique Cake Designs

Find out how to make some Unique Cake Designs. By using decorating tools like cake topper kits, edible cake images, marzipan, sugar decorations or fondant, you can create some very unique cake designs. It might look a little confusing in the beginning but that is why you should always begin with a very simple cake design. Work your way up to bigger and better projects and you will be successful. You also can just purchase the toppers and supplies you need and then all you have to do is place them on top of your frosted cake. That is the easiest way to make unique cake designs.

I bought some fondant cupcake toppers to decorate my winter holiday cupcakes and they came out cute as can be. It was worth every penny I spent!

These Fondant Cupcake Toppers help make some unique cake designs

You can learn how to make some kids birthday cake ideas at our Unique Cake Designs

page. Check out cake designs like:

  • Guests Not Pests
  • Adorable Baby Buggy Cake
  • Apple Basket Cake
  • Autumn Carpenter’s Paisley Cake
  • Baby's First Birthday Bear Cake
  • Bear Hugs for Baby
  • Best Wishes Squared Cake
  • Candy Castle Cake with Gummy Sentries
  • Candy Lover's Cottage
  • Cheese Burger and French Fries (Not)
  • Fairy Princess Layer Cake
  • Flower Horsepower
  • Perky Purse
  • Pirate’s Treasure Chest
  • Pretty In Pink Heart Cake
  • Puppy Print Cake
  • Ready for Bath Time
  • Scary Spider Cake
  • She's A Sweetheart
  • Strawberry Layer Cake
  • The Perfect Purse in Pink
  • Transportation Celebration
  • Way To Go!
  • White Chocolate Almond Castle
  • In the Line of Fire
  • Old Glory Ice Cream Cake
  • Making Her Entrance
  • Palm Tree
  • Party Candle Cakes
  • Ready, Aim, Celebrate!
  • Seashore Sandcastle Cake
  • Spring Pastel Butterfly
  • Sunny Funny Bunny!
  • The Coolest Watermelon Cake
  • Train Engine
  • Uncovered Treasure
  • Water Colors
  • White Chocolate Pound Cake
  • Wildlife Safari
That's a lot of cake designs and each one is unique. Learn how to come up with fun kids birthday cake ideas plus get cake recipes and frosting recipes to make these cakes yourself.

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