Kids and Construction Paper = Valentine's Craft Ideas

Kids and Construction Paper = Valentine’s Craft Ideas

Kids and construction paper = Valentine's craft Ideas. Why? Because kids love to make homemade crafts for any holiday, especially Valentine’s Day! Construction paper is one of the easiest and most useful tools for making Valentine’s Day crafts...and that's good because kids will enjoy creating beautiful homemade crafts. Your family will love to receive these homemade treasures!

Stock up on lots of construction paper. Be sure you have included red, white and pinks in your supplies. You can find construction paper just about anywhere, including a craft store or your local supermarket.

First begin by cutting out paper hearts. Big hearts, small hearts and medium hearts! You can use a cookie cutter to trace the hearts and then let the kids cut them out....Make sure you have safety scissors Mom...and don't let your kids use any scissors unless your sitting with them!

Now, you should have red and white and pink hearts of all sizes cut out. You can get different kinds of craft scissors that will cut a different pattern on the edge. That will make each heart look unique.

Of course if your child wants to use colors other than the traditional red, white, and pink ....Let them! You just might have a potential Picasso on your hands! Half the fun of making homemade crafts is that you can be as creative and different as possible. So let them "create".

I'm sure you or Grandma will love a green or an orange heart just as much as a red one!

If your kids can't write yet you can make bubble letters that spell out "Happy Valentine’s Day", then let them color the letters in with crayon. Or you can cut letters out of construction paper and glue them onto a sheet of paper or hang each by a yarn string to make a banner. You can decorate each letter with some glue and glitter too. Hang that banner proudly across your kitchen wall or across your dining room doorway

That's not all your kids can do, there are plenty more Valentine's Day Crafts waiting. You should have plenty of those construction paper hearts cut out...why not tape them to other things as well. Did you buy Grandma a picture frame for Valentine's Day? You can let your child decorate the edges with those hearts! You can turn an ordinary frame into a special gift of love.

Construction paper and some heart stickers can make each family member a special pin to wear on Valentines Day. You will have to add your own safety pin, but that's all you'll need!

Kids and Construction paper! What an inexpensive way to have some fun with your kids at Valentine’s Day. With simple every day items found around the house like construction paper, crayons, markers and scissors, you can make crafts for any occasion!

Another way to have some homemade fun is with Free Valentines Day Coloring Pages

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