Karate Party Favors

I Found Lots Of Karate Party Favors And Party Favor Bags To Match. Fill These Bags With Some Of The Favors I Found With This Fun Kids Birthday Party Theme.

Kids are crazy for Karate and that's why this makes a great birthday party theme. There are some really great party ideas you can use to decorate your home and serve your party cupcakes and I found a lot of them. Take a look at these party supplies you might be able to use for that special celebration you are planning. Here is a party favor pack that is full of fun favors kids will enjoy. Here's what's in it:
  • 1 Karate Favor Bag
  • 1 Sheet Karate Stickers
  • 1 Karate Pencil
  • 1 Ninja Figure
  • 1 Mini Bubbles
  • 1 Disc Launchers
Take a look for yourself to see if this party favor bag and the favors that come with it are what you are looking for.

Karate Favor Set

More Karate Party Favor Ideas

That's a great party favor pack up there, don't you think? But the trouble is, not everyone wants a pre-packed favor bag. Some people like to buy their own favors and put them into a party bag themselves. And that's why I decided to list some individual packs of different Karate party favor ideas, plus a favor bag to put them in. See if these are more to your liking.

Karate Favor Bag

And now that you see a party favor bag you like, what should you put in it? Ah Ha...I've got the answer for you. I listed lots of party favor ideas and they all have a Karate theme. I am pretty sure you are going to find all the fun party favor ideas you need.

Ninja Ducks make great Karate party favors! Look how cute these lethal Rubber Duckies are!

Ninja Rubber Ducks

Add a pencil to your party favor bag. It's not just any old pencil, take a look at the Karate guys on this pencil. It's great.

Karate Pencil

This personalized zipper pull is a fun idea to include in your party favor bag. It's a unique favor kids will be thrilled to get.

Karate Personalized Mini Zipper Pull

How about the Karate bag tag? Kids love to put stuff like this on their bags. It, like the zipper pull listed up above, is personalized.

Karate Personalized Bag Tag

There are quite a few Karate favor ideas that can be personalized and here's another one...this is a personalized button.

Karate Personalized Button

Or how about a personalized luggage tag? It can also go on a backpack. It's a laminated luggage tag that measures 3" x 4.125". This tag comes with it's own 6" lanyard attached. These personalized party favors are very popular items with kids today.Personalized stickers are pretty popular items too.

Karate Personalized Stickers

These zipper pulls are called team pulls. They come in different colors and would work well during team games.

Team Karate Personalized Zipper Pulls

How about a party favor you can eat? These Karate lollipops fit that description very well. They fit your party theme and they taste pretty good too.

Karate Personalized Lollipops

If your child and your party guests are of reading age, these cute Karate bookmarks would make a great favor. These will keep the memories of this fun party theme fresh.

Karate Personalized Bookmark

Karate stickers are another fun party favor that fits perfectly with a Karate theme, and you know how kids love stickers, and just take a look at how very cool these stickers are!

Karate Stickers

These Ninja figures fit well with a Karate party theme too. Look how very cute these little guys are.

Ninja Figure

Here's one of the best Karate party favors you will find...you've heard the old saying about saving the best for last, well, that's just what I've done. Here is something everyone who practices Karate needs. It's a Karate headband and you can get one for each of your party guests.

Karate Headband

Well, that's it for the Karate party favors I found for you to look at. I hope you found just the right favors for your child's birthday. I found you a place where you get get some really great ideas for your child's party.

Here is where you can get all the fun Karate party ideas you need to host a fun and unique kids birthday party. Find some easy how to make a Karate party invitation, some great party food ideas, fun games, activities and more...stuff like:

  • Pin the Black Belt on the Ninja - a fun martial arts twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.
  • Bean Bag Block and Kick - test everyone's karate skills with this fun bean bag challenge.
  • Breaking Boards - that amazing martial arts skill of breaking boards with a karate chop can be demonstrated by each of your party guests using some styrofoam boards.
  • Karate Balloon Battle - kids must keep the karate invader balloons from touching the floor.
  • Martial Arts Headband Craft - you know how much fun party crafts are, well this one is no exception. Each party guest can design their very own martial arts headband with the materials and instructions you can get in this Karate party guide.
  • Karate Obstacle Course - agility and speed are going to be demonstrated with this martial arts challenge.
  • Samurai Balloon Swordfights - Samurai to the rescue with balloon swords.
  • Sensei Freeze Tag - each martial art student - who are really your karate party guests - must avoid being tagged by the player called the "Sensei".
  • Sensei Master Game - your party guests have to form teams who will compete against each other to see who is the most learned "sensei" in the group.
  • Sensei Says - You know what classic party game this is a take off on, don't you. Simon Says equals Sensei Says when you are hosting a Karate party. Each of your guests can use some karate blocks and kicks during this fun game.
  • Throwing Stars Competition - Ninjas look out! This ninja game is perfect for a Karate theme party. Have each guest try to throw or toss some foam ninja stars into a container or rice bowl.
All these games are another reason to stock up on these fun karate party favors I've shown you...they make great party game prizes! Get more fun ideas, like these with that guide I was telling you about.

So what are you waiting for? Get your party guide right now! Find more Karate party favor ideas, party supplies and lots of fun, exciting Karate party ideas.

Here's Your Karate Party Ideas Guide!

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