Kai Lan Party Ideas For Kids

Ni Hao Kai Lan party ideas help you plan a great kids birthday party for the Nick Jr. fan in your house. Ni Hao, Kai Lan, is a TV Show from Nick Jr and preschooler children love it. The star of the show is Kai Lan and the words Ni Hao translate from the Mandarin Chinese language into "Hello" in English. Kai Lan Chow is proud of her Mandarin Chinese heritage and she shares this ancient culture with us as we watch her show. Kai Lan stars in the show with several of her animal friends

  • YeYe
  • Rintoo
  • Tolee
  • Hoho
  • Lulu

Kai Lan talks to her friends in both the English language and the Mandarin Chinese language. The children who watch her show will learn these words...she is similar in that way to Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go and Handy Manny...the other bi-lingual characters from Nick TV shows.

A Kai Lan Birthday Party Theme

Kai Lan party ideas and party theme are the perfect if your child is a Ni Hao Kai Lan fan. This is a unique birthday theme and it will be an easy kids party to plan if you know where to look for the party supplies, games and activities...and we are going to help you find all that and more!

Buy prepackaged or Ni Hao Kai-Lan Personalized party invitations and accessories. Like every party you will need some Kai Lan party invitations. You can find some really cute personalized invites at Celebrate Express or at Tiny Prints...Oh, you can also check Ebay too. The invites come in all different colors and designs. Some will even let you put a picture of your child on them. Here is a link that will take you to the Kai Lan party ideas and invitations at Tiny Prints.

Brand New Ni Hao Kai-Lan party supplies can be found at Birthday in a Box and Celebrate Express. Get the plates, cups and napkins as your basic party supplies and then accent them with the use of a personalized Ni Hao Kai-lan party banner, a party favor kit or a table centerpiece.

I always shop at The Oriental Trading Company when I am having a kids party and you will find some great ideas there for a Kai-Lan party ideas and kids theme. They have dragons, red paper lanterns, fans, even chop stick party craft kits to use as a fun kids party craft. There, you have party room decorations and a craft project your little guests will enjoy. Check out the chop stick pencils you can use as a favor idea!

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Birthday Cake

Kai lan party ideas let you choose a birthday cake that is easy to make yourself using a edible cake art image. You can find these edible images on Ebay. They come in different sizes so you can find some that fit a cupcake, a round cake or a rectangular cake...so what ever style or size cake you decide to bake, there is the perfect Kai-Lan cake topper to decorate it with. These edible cake images are actually made of rice paper and edible ink. They look great on a homemade cake. And your Kai-Lan party ideas need a special cake or cupcake. You can also make an animal cupcake for the kids to enjoy.

You can even have your child's picture put right on your cake image...so ask the seller about that before you buy. All you will have to do is bake your cake, frost it and apply the image. You can also find plastic cake toppers and cupcake toppers for this unique kids party theme. You can find them at Ebay too. You can get lots of Kai-lan party ideas from Ebay.

Chinese Party Food Ideas For Your Kai-Lan Party Ideas

Party food for your Kai lan party ideas are really easy. Get some Chinese take out food. Steamed rice, vegetables, beef on a stick, an egg roll and some fortune cookies are the perfect party food menu. Take your plain fortune cookies and dip part of them in melted chocolate for a tasty treat that is easy to make at home. To make the chocolate dipped fortune cookies look really pretty, roll them in some candy jimmies or sprinkles after you dip them in the chocolate. Sounds delicious and it goes perfectly with the rest of your Kai-lan party ideas.

When you look at the online party supplies catalogs at or Birthday in a Box, you will also see many different ideas for Ni Hao Kai-Lan Favors. You can buy a box that comes with a fun assortment of favors or you can individually select the favors you want to hand out at your party. You can choose from stickers, bubbles, glow jewelry, temporary tattoos (the tattoos are always a big hit at a kids party)...you can even get some extra Chinese Food containers and fill them with the party favors you decide on. Don't forget to check out the Chinese rubber duckies...those rubber duckies are so popular and they come in so many different designs. You can find the ducks at The Oriental Trading Company.

Kai Lan Party Game Ideas

Use one of the Dragon Pinatas as a party game. Make sure your dragon is a pull string pinata and if not, get the pull string conversion kit. I found this beautiful red dragon pinata at Celebrate Express...under How to Train Your Dragon party ideas. I just loved it and thought it would co-ordinate perfectly with the Kai-Lan party decoration colors. And a dragon fits in just right with the Kai Lan party ideas, since the dragon is a

It is not a pull string pinata so check out the pull string conversion kit. This will ensure a fun and a safe kids pinata game. I hate to see kids swinging a stick around...it never fails to make me a nervous wreck. There never seems to be enough of a safety zone when you have little kids running around. Then of course, there are other party game ideas too. Kai-Lan Says, Pin the Tail on the Dragon are just a few. Party crafts and activities are perfect for a Ni Hao Kai-lan party because there are so many good ideas.

Get a CD of Chinese music and play some musical party games. Freeze Dance or Musical Chairs always go over big at a preschoolers party.

Charades...Kai-Lan style...of course, the children cannot speak but they can still try to imitate Kai-Lan's friends and have the other players guess who their character is. Here is a list of the characters you can use the characters from the TV show...here I will list them again for you.

  • Mr. Sun
  • YeYe
  • Rintoo
  • Tolee
  • The Ants
  • Hoho
  • Lulu
I added Mr. Sun and The Ants to give your guests more choices for their Charades.

The Chop Stick Relay Game...let the kids form two teams. Put two chairs in front of the room. Have one team line up single file in front of one chair. On the chair place a pair of chop sticks, a bowl of cotton balls and a bucket.

The team who has the most cotton balls in their bucket at the end of the game is the winner. Blow a whistle to start the game...let each child have 20 or 30 seconds to try and put as many of the cotton balls into the bucket...the trick is, they have to use the chop sticks to move the cotton balls from the bowl to the bucket. When all the players have taken a turn, count up the cotton balls and see who wins...unless of course, you have a tie. Then everyone has to get a prize!

Ni Hao Kai Lan Party Ideas Crafts and Activities

Find free printing kids coloring pages online. If you follow the link for the tissue flowers and go to Ni Hao Kai Lan party ideas you will find a guide. In that guide there is a printable Mr. Sun coloring page you can print for each of your party guests. Make sure to include a picture of a dragon for your little guests to color. You can teach your guests how to make some bright Tissue Paper Flowers, Make a Beaded Chinese New Year Bracelet Craft Kit , Chinese New Year Chopstick Frame Craft Kit or the Beaded Dragon Chopsticks Craft Kit, Chinese New Year Lantern Craft Kit, Handprint Chinese New Year Dragon Craft Kit are just a few of the fun craft projects you can find at the Oriental Trading Company.

A big craft favorite of kids (and Adults...and mine!) are the sand art projects and they come in a Chinese Fan-Shaped Sand Art Set! Finally take a look at the dragon crafts that look pretty fun, the Color Your Own! Chinese Dragon Fans and the Dragon Mask Craft Kit. Get one or two or more of these fun craft kits...you can even send one or two of them home in a party favor bag. The craft kits usually come in individual packages with their own instructions, so they make a great party favor idea. And all are available at Oriental Trading.

Kai Lan party ideas are fun for everyone. Ni Hao Kai Lan is certainly a unique party theme and it allows you to be very creative. A Kai Lan party ideas theme also has many different and fun ideas you can use to make your childs birthday party a huge success. So, welcome Kai-Lan and the Mandarin Chinese influence into your home this year for your child's birthday party!

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  • Buy your Kai Lan party ideas and party supplies at Birthday in a Box or

    If your Kai lan party ideas include some crafts and projects...The Oriental Trading Company is the place for you to look.

    Edible Cake Art Images for Your Kai lan party ideas and cake decorating go to Ebay.

    For your Kai Lan party ideas and invitations go to see our party invitation experts at

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