Justin Bieber Party Ideas

Justin Bieber Party Ideas for all those fans out there who adore this young singing star. Find Justin party supplies, fun game ideas and party favors to entertain and thrill those young Bieber fans!

I am sure you have heard all about Justin Bieber from your kids. He is a well loved singer and his fans absolutely adore him. A Bieber themed birthday party would be a hit with any age group.

Justin Bieber VIP Backstage Passes (4) Justin Bieber party supplies should include invitations with Justin on them. Plates, napkins, cups and party decorations are needed for a theme party. I've found the perfect party supplies for this theme...wait until your Bieber fan sees them! You can throw in anything that has anything to do with music too. I have seen musical note balloons that would look great. Fans of Justin's are going to be thrilled to see these exciting party supplies. You can also make your own decorating by using a favorite Justin Bieber photo and scanning it, then printing out decorations.

Justin Bieber VIP Backstage Passes (4)

Justin Bieber VIP Backstage Passes (4)

You can find some edible cake images to decorate a homemade cake with. Of course your cake image will be of Justin Bieber! Just put the image on your baked and frosted cake and your decorating is done. Edible cake images make cake decorating easy as can be! And these images look great on the cakes, so even if you have never decorated your very own homemade cake before you can with these simple decorating tools.

Fun Party Ideas For A Justin Bieber Party

Some fun party ideas for this theme include buying or renting a Karaoke Machine if you don't already own one, and have a singing contest, using Justin's songs of course.

Pin A Kiss On Justin You can also play a fun less childish version of pin the tail on the donkey. Get a poster of Justin, and give the girls each a cut out pair of lips with double sided tape on one side. Let the girls try to plant this kiss on Justin's cheek. Blind fold them and give them a couple spins before you point them towards the poster. This game will have the girls laughing.

You can use our Trivia Questions to see who knows the most about Justin. You can also search the Internet for facts about Justin, then make up even more questions for the guests to answer about him, the person who answers the most questions correctly is the winner...trivia is always popular at parties. With just a little bit of thought and effort your party can be a hit.

Justin Bieber Assorted Sillybandz (24)

Justin Assorted Sillybandz (24)

There are so many fun ideas to use with a Justin Bieber party theme...these are a few for you to use and once you start seeing ideas you will begin to come up with many more of your own.

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Justin Bieber Party Favor Box

Justin Bieber Party Favor Box

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets (4)

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets (4)

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