Justin Bieber Trivia - A Fun Game For Your Justin Bieber Party Ideas

Justin Bieber Trivia - A Fun Game For Your Bieber Party Ideas! Get lots of fun party ideas and find the party supplies you need to host this popular kids birthday party theme. Find more fun game ideas along with cupcake decorating ideas...just what you need to plan a fun party for kids.

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Justin Bieber Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Trivia is one way to help your childs birthday party be a success. Let's see who is the biggest Bieber fan and then let's reward them for what they know. How about using some temporary tattoos or Silly Bandz as a game prize...the kids will enjoy either of those selections!

Justin Bieber Trivia Questions

1. When is Justin's birthday?
2. What is Justin's middle name?
3. Name the town where he was born.
4. Where was this singer's video first discovered?
5. Name Justin's first song release by a record label?
6. What music award did he win at the 2010 American Music Awards?
7. What other awards was he nominated for at the 2010 American Music Awards?

See if your daughter or son can add any more interesting questions about Justin. Let the experts add some questions...and of course, answers to this triva quiz.

Let's see how many kids know the answers to these simple, but fun questions. Trivia is a great party game! Get some Justin Bieber party ideas after the trivia answer section.

Justin Bieber Trivia Answers

Well, you've got the questions above and now it's time to get the answers. I wonder how many kids will know the answers to these fun questions about pop star Justin Bieber!

1. Justin was born on March 1, 1994.
2. Drew is his middle name.
3. He was born in London, Ontario.
4. His first video's were on YouTube. His Mom put them on there.
5. His first release by a label was "One Time".
6. Justin won Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards.
7. He was also nominated (and won) Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Breakthrough Artist, and Favorite Pop/Rock Album.
The boy is hot! And cute and a popular party theme for a kids and tween birthday party. So get the party supplies and fun party games you need along with lots of party ideas on our

More Facts About Justin

Here are more fun facts about Justin Bieber you can use in case you need more Justin Bieber trivia questions for your party.

* His Dad is named Jeremy Bieber
*His Mom is named Pattie Mallette
*His favorite food is spaghetti
* His favorite number is six
* Usher is one of his favorite artists
*His favorite television show is Smallville
* He is Canadian....like Drake
*His father has been remarried
*He had his first kiss when he was thirteen
*His favorite colors are blue and purple
*He is claustrophobic
*He has a celebrity crush on Beyonce
*His favorite drink is orange juice
* He is very protective of his little sister
*He knows his numbers up to ten in German
*He wears a size seven and a half shoe
*He loves sour patch kids
*He likes tacos
*His favorite slang word is "shawty"
One of his favorite sports is soccer
*Out of all the different types of pies, apple pie is his favorite
*He is friends with Taylor Swift
*He dated Selena Gomez
*He can play the drums
*He can play the piano
* He can play the trumpet
*He can play the guitar
*He is left handed
*He has a half sister
*He likes Vitamin Water
*He is fluent in French ( He is from Canada)
*His favorite video game is NBA 2000
*His mom can sing, that is probably where his vocals come from
*His dad can play the guitar, I guess that is where Justin gets his guitar skills
*His grandmother could play the piano very well, that is where his piano skills come from

These extra fun facts will come in handy if you need more Justin Bieber trivia questions!

Justin Bieber Party Ideas Page.

Host a kids party with this terrific party theme and watch the kids have a great time. Plan some more fun games...karaoke comes to mind and so does American Idol! Let the kids have a blast with this popular pop star...Justin Drew Bieber!

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