Bindi Jungle Girl Party

Jungle Girl Party supplies and ideas are fun for a girls birthday party theme. Why does everyone think little girls are just full of sugar and Princess party ideas? They are not...they are just full of fun ideas that have nothing to do with Princess dress up games. Girls like to dream of Jungle Animals, of being a Wild Animal tamer, of going off into the jungle on a let your little Jungle Girl have an birthday party theme that fits...the Jungle Girl party idea!

Bindi really paved the way for adventerous young ladies, forging into the jungle after wild animals, just like her Dad. Girls have quite a choice of Jungle party supplies to pick I hope your birthday girl likes to shop too, Mom.

Bindi Jungle Girl Pinata

Game Time for your Bindi Jungle Girl Party! Get a Jungle Pinata for your party guests to play. It's a pull string pinata so you know it's a safe party game. And how about these stuffed bean bag animals as a cute party favor...what kid wouldn't love one of those!

Bindi Jungle Girl Party Favors

Here's the Bindi Jungle Girl party favor box that's filled with all kinds of fun wild, Jungle animal goodies:

  • Bindi the Jungle Girl sticker sheet
  • Australian animal bean bag
  • Toy binoculars
  • Jungle animal finger puppet
  • Alligator squirter
  • Whistle

There are plenty of other party favors sold separately you can pick from too. You can make up your own favor box or party bags. Choose from plush and bean bag toys, animal crackers, bubbles,

Your daughter is going to have a great time at her Bindi Jungle Girl party...and so are you Mom!

Jungle Games

Jungle party games are the most fun of all at a girls' party. Make sure you plan one or two extra!

Musical Chairs or Freeze Dance to the song, "In the Jungle". Use giant animal footprints instead of chairs. Cut them out of brown paper and color them in. Play the music and who ever isn't in an animal footprint when it stops is out.

Jungle Safari Hunt...hide pictures of animals or animal crackers in plastic eggs. Let your Jungle girls track them down, just like on a real safari.

Follow the Footprints. Make some animal footprints out of brown paper. Stick them to the ground and have the girls follow them to find the hidden prize at the end.

Rainforest Jungle Bingo...make some bingo boards using animal stickers. When you call out that animal's name, the girls can cross that spot off on the board. When someone marks all the spots on the board they win!

Animal Name Unscramble...Mix up the letters in 10 different animal's names. Let's see who can unscramble all of them.

Get a poster of a wild, jungle animal. Stick it up on your wall. Cover the animals tail and make some tails of your own. Have the girl's try to play "Pin The Tail" with whatever animal you choose.

Make some animal shaped cookies and let each girl decorate her own. Get frosting, candy eyes, string licorice for whiskers, and some decorative sugars and candies.

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