Jungle Birthday Party

Jungle birthday party ideas for your animal or safari party. Find jungle birthday party favors, supplies, games,decorations and even some delicious party recipes. Check out our animal pinatas and there are even jungle party craft kits for kids fun.

Animal Party Deluxe Box

Animal Party Personalized Invitation

Animal Party Personalized Stickers

The jungle party...doesn't it bring pictures to your mind? Pictures of exotic and wild animals, safaris, lion and tigers. This is a unique kids party theme and it is bound to be a "Roaring" good time!

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Jungle Party Invitations

Make your own Jungle party invitations. These are easy invitations to make at home. Just get some construction paper and wild animal stickers. Cut the paper in half, and then fold it in half...there's your invitation. All you have to do is fill in the party information and decorate it.

Jungle Party Theme Decorations

Jungle party theme decorations are very easy to imagine, and since this is a popular kids birthday party theme, decorations are very easy to find. Just go to any party store...one in your neighborhood or one online. You will find all the supplies and decorations you need to throw the best jungle party these kids have ever gone to!

You might have some of the decorations you need right in your own home. Do you have any animal pictures or posters? If you do, use them to decorate your party room. How about some stuffed jungle animals? Put them around the room too. There are some very cool animal skin latex balloons that you can get, and some sharp looking safari hats or pith helmets.

Jungle Party Favors

Jungle party favors are fun for everyone at the party. It's always fun to get a prize just for coming to the party. You can give each child a premade favor box filled with jungle goodies or you can pick out individual favors to make up your own party goodie bag.

Animal Party Deluxe Favor Set

Animal Party Match Game

Animal Party Favor Bag

Animal Party Favor Sets

Jungle Party Games

Jungle party games are very important at your kids party. Kids don't like to sit still, or be bored, so keep the activities and games coming! There are so many wild animal jungle birthday party games you can play! Start with Safari Hunt. Hide some pictures, stickers, tiny animals, or even animal crackers in plastic eggs. Put the eggs all over and let the kids "hunt" them. As a game prize let each child keep what he "captures" on his safari.

Who can Roar the loudest? Have a Roaring Contest. Be sure to cover your ears, I'm sure some of these kids can roar louder than you think!

Jungle Animal Charades Let each child pick the name of a jungle animal and make gestures until someone guesses which animal he or she is.

To find more game ideas like:

  • Elephant Tug of War: Which team's "Elephants" are stronger?
  • Elephant's Peanut Relay: Who will win this fun party game?
  • Hippos in Mud: This sounds fun!
  • Animal Sounds Contest: Hiss, growl, roar
  • Tell Me if I'm Wrong: An interesting animal-themed game
  • Flamingo Contest: A fun balancing game

Find them all here in our Jungle Party Ideas guide.

Next for your Jungle birthday party ideas you are going to need some fun activities. Take a look at our jungle craft ideas:

Make An Animal Cake

Get Jungle cupcakes and cake ideas. Make your own party cake or cupcakes. You can find some animal candles to put on top. You can also find special cake pans that are shaped like animals!

More Jungle Party Ideas

Get some more craft and party favor ideas here.

It's A Jungle Out There! Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit

Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit Celebrate a fun trip to the zoo or a safari! Everything you need to make unique frames.

Plush Long Arm Zoo Animals

Plush Long Arm Zoo Animals These 7 1/2 - 8 plush animals just love to hang out!

Safari Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies with a safari theme. Really cute!

Zoo Animal Magnet Craft Kit

This foam craft kit is a jungle of fun! Make tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes and other safari creatures.

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