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Jonah Hex Lilah Costume Ideas Are Perfect For Fans Of Lilah, GirlFriend of DC Comic Hero Jonah Hex.

Wait until you see Lilah's she can shoot too! I found two costumes for this lady...I will show you the red one first.

Red Lilah Costume - Jonah Hex Costumes

Red Lilah Costume - Jonah Hex Costumes

Very nice off the shoulder dress with a corset that looks leather, off the shoulder sleeves and a short, ruffled lacy skirt plus you get some black glovelets too.

Facts About Lilah

Let's find out a little bit about Lilah...we know she has some great looking costumes, but there's more to her than just a pretty face.

Lilah is a character from the Jonah Hex comics from DC Comics.

She is Jonah's girlfriend in the comics and in the new movie released in 2010 and titled Jonah Hex.

Megan Fox portrayed Lilah's character in the movie. Josh Brolin plays Jonah Hex.

Lilah is the is used to get Jonah to hand over his weapons.

Lilah was a woman of ill-repute when she met Jonah and they fell in love.

She is one of the very few women in Jonah's life.

Lilah has long black hair and likes to dress in provocative clothes to catch a man's eye.

She does not lean towards good or evil side of nature, she remains in the middle when making decisions.

Lilah can handle a gun and is quite a marksman.

Lilah's White Costume

Now that you know just how cool Lilah is let's look at her other costume.

Jonah Hex Lilah Costume - Sexy Halloween Costumes

Jonah Hex Lilah Costume

This outfit looks like a modern styled western saloon outfit. It's white with a touch of pink,has a corset style top and a mini skirt that is trimmed in lace. It also has a sheer skirt overlay and comes with glovelets to complete the ensemble.

Jonah Hex Costume accessories include A Deluxe Lilah Wig and a pair of Easy Black Lace Up Boots.

Enjoy these Jonah Hex Lilah Costume Ideas and for a fun couples costume idea take a look at the Jonah Hex Costumes.

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