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Get The Jonah Hex Costumes You Need For Halloween. Find Both Jonah And Lilah To Make A Halloween Costume For Couples.

The Jonah Hex western style costumes are fun outfits to dress up in. Jonah is tough as nails and Lilah is sexy as can be...together they are an unbeatable combination. You can be part of that combination with one of these costumes. Jonah has scars on his face so you will need some costume makeup and wound packages or you can get a character mask.

Adult Jonah Hex Costume - Jonah Hex Costumes

Jonah Hex Adult Costume

You can see that Jonah is disfigured in the costume picture. The costume includes a half mask, a gray hat that is calvary style and the long western type duster coat...just what Jonah always wears.

If you want more information on the costume just click on the picture and you will enter into an online Halloween costume store where you can find all the accessories you need to put together a Jonah Hex Halloween costume. If you have a duster coat you can put together your own costume and just buy a Calvary Style Deluxe Hat or you might want to buy your own 3/4 Vinyl Mask.

Jonah Hex Facts

Jonah Hex is a western hero character from DC Comics. The story was written by John Albano and Tony DiZuniga.

Jonah is disfigured. He is scarred on the right side of his face. He was a slave to the Apache and that's when he got them.

Jonah is blind in his right eye.

He is an excellent marksman and in fact, he can shoot with speed and precision when he has a gun in each hand.

Hex is an excellent tracker.

He is a crabby, mean sort of guy but that is only on the outside. He has a very high personal standard. His code of honor demands that he protects the innocent.

Josh Brolin played Jonah in the 2010 movie.

His girl friend is Lilah. She was played by Megan Fox in the movie. Find some of the pretty Lilah costume ideas here.

His arch-enemy is named Quentin Turnbull.

Imagine the fun you can have dressing up this Halloween as one of these exciting characters in one of the Jonah Hex Costumes.

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