Jonah Hex Costume Ideas

Jonah Hex Costume Ideas - Find Some Fun Western Adult Halloween Costumes Like Jonah Hex And Lilah!

Western costumes for Halloween are an old favorite of both kids and adults...they are fun! Just think about your favorite western movie...the gun slinger scene or the cattle round up...makes you want to ride out over the valleys and hills to the ranch. Well, on Halloween you can do just that in this Jonah Hex Costume...and while you are getting all duded up why not hang out with Lilah?

You get the duster style western coat, Jonah's old Calvary style hat and the scarred mask when you buy this costume.

Jonah Hex Adult Costume

Jonah Hex Adult Costume

Who Is Jonah Hex?

Jonah Hex was a Rebel soldier during the Civil War when he received orders to attack a Union hospital. Being an honorable man he could not carry out this order given by Confederate General Quentin Turnbull and as a result Turnbull's son was killed. In an act of revenge Turnbull killed the Hex family, Jonah's wife and son by setting fire to their home with them in it, while Jonah watched...Turnbull then branded Hex with a branding iron with the initials QT.

Time passed and there were rumors that said Turnbull was dead, but he was hatching an evil plan using weapons of destruction to destroy the Union. President Grant asks Jonah to help him find Turnbull before he can do more the movie to see how Jonah meets Lilah...and take a look at this Pretty Lilah Western Adult Halloween Costume!

Watch the movie!

Lilah is one good looking western woman and her costumes are some of the prettiest western wear to be found in the online costume stores. If you like couples costume ideas think about wearing Jonah and Lilah outfits when you are considering which character you want to dress up as this Halloween.

You can also find a Quintin Turnbull costume for men if you want to be the evil character in this adventure. And you can find Hex costumes for kids too.

Get some fun Jonah Hex Facts at our Jonah Hex Costumes page.

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