Jet Pinata for Those Airplane Birthday Party Ideas

Get a Jet Pinata to use with your Airplane or Jet Party Ideas! Little boys love airplanes and that's what makes this such a great idea for a kids party!

Jet Pinata

This Jet will fly around where you tie it and then you can let each party guest take a whack at it...with a stick while blindfolded. The lucky guy or girl who hits it just right will break open the pinata so all the goodies inside will come spilling out. Watch everyone scramble to fill their goodie bag with the candies and treats you hid inside!

This fighter plane pinata is not the only thing you will find here. You will want some Jets and Airplane party accessories to go with your party game and you can get them here. Plates, cups and party favor boxes filled with

  • jet tattoos
  • binoculars
  • assorted jet gliders
  • jet sticker sheet
  • jet whistle
  • flashing jet keychain
Everything the future jet or airplane pilots at your party will need to have a high flying good time!

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