Jello Brain Mold For Your Creepy Halloween Recipes

This Jello Brain Mold is perfect for your creepy Halloween recipes. Add a little scared to your party theme this year with a brain mold. You can put Jello, Ice Creams or Cheese Dip recipes in it and shape them into a human brain. Serve on a dish along side the rest of your scary party food ideas. It's a fun party mold to own.

Brain Jello Mold Brain Jello Mold

This Brain Jello Mold comes with a mold that is 9.75" x 8.75" x 4" and is made from a polybag header. A Brain Jello Mold is perfect if you have some of the neighborhood children over for a fun get together as you tell ghost stories and feast on fun treats.

Make some Jello mixed with Cool Whip...make it thick...add some food coloring and put it into the mold. Let it sit in the frig until it's really firm. Read the instructions that come with your brain mold. It may tell you to spray the mold with a cooking spray or let it sit out at room temperature before you slide it onto your serving plate. Don't try to literally slide the mold. Put the plate over the top of the mold and flip it over. The brain should end up sitting in the middle of the plate. Add some red cherry juice or use a red cake gel to make your brain look bloody. That's going to be a really gross but tasty addition to your holiday table.

Other creepy Halloween food serving ideas include the Gelatin Hand Mold. You can also find some really cool shaped ice cube trays at our other brain mold page.

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray
Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray Each or the The Hand Gelatin Mold

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