I've Gone Twi-Mania!

by Serena

I am a 13 year old girl who has gone Twi-Crazy!! I told my mom that if you see anything that is related to Twilight... GET IT!!! My room has almost everything Twilight! I am pretty much obsessed! Thats not a bad thing though!

You could say that I am so obsessed, I start calling my brothers, Emmett, or Jasper! (Not Edward, thats just creepy!)

Me and my best-friend, start acting out each scene from the movie, and some from the book!!! I have not finished the saga though. I'm still on New Moon. I can't believe how much emotion comes from the book, in to my heart. I feel like I am in Bella's place. Like I am the character! Anyway, Thats all!

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