Iron Man Party Ideas: A Popular Boys Party Theme

Iron Man Party Ideas are perfect for a boys birthday party. The release of the Iron Man movie has made this a very popular kids party theme.

It's easy and fun to plan a kids party, whatever the theme. There are some basic party planning steps you should follow. These tips will help you to plan a party for your child with ease, leaving pre-party stress to be a thing of the past. Now that's a wonderful thing, we all have enough stress in our lives without worrying about a party...That's supposed to be fun!

If your son, or daughter, enjoyed the Iron Man Movie or Comics, they will be thrilled to use this as a birthday party theme. Look at all the accessories you can find online!

Iron Man Party Invitations

You can make your own party invitations. It's really simple to do, and you can have fun teaching your kids how to do it. Find some of your party theme clip art online print it out onto paper and cut it out...or buy some stickers with your party theme on this case it's Iron Man.

Take some colored construction paper and cut it in half. Fold each half in half...what does it look like? A card! Decorate the front of the card and write your party information inside it. Who, What, When and Where! Add an RSVP date and phone number, so you will know how many guests are going to be at your party. Knowing the number of people attending will help you to plan just the right amount of food and game prizes!!

Kids Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

A good way to save money on a birthday cake is to make your own. It's easy...just bake a cake, frost it and put a cake topper right on top. If you're using Iron Man as your kids party theme you can find a great cake topper at Buy Costumes. They sell an Iron Man comes 8 to a pack, so use one as a cake topper and give one to each of your guests...they will love the cake and have fun with their very own mask!

Making your own cake is really simple and can save you as much as $50.00! The set of 8 party favors is under $4.00, add the cost of the cake and your total cost is only about $ compare to $50.00? When you see it in black and white, it makes a lot of sense...doesn't it?

Look at the Iron Man Cake Topper and the Iron Man Camera!!

This Camera is such a great tool to use with your Iron Man Party Ideas! You can take a picture of your guests and the each photo will have an Iron Man Message on it.

Iron Man Party Decorating Ideas

Party decorating ideas for kids are not complicated at all. Kids like to see bright, fun colors and balloons...but they would rather play fun party games. Keep your decorating to a minimum. Paper plates and napkins with a theme pattern go a long way and so do helium filled latex balloons. Streamers in your theme color, and add a centerpiece or table cloth to complete the look.

You can make a table centerpiece by tying two or three colorful balloons together. Stagger the length of the balloon strings, so the balloons are not clumped together. Tie the strings together and tie all the strings to a bowl, or a balloon weight. Here's how you can make a Balloon Weight

Fun Iron Man Party Games

Fun party games are important to your event. Kids love to play games and you want to keep your guest occupied and entertained. Play "Iron Man Says" know it's Simon Says. Or Pin the Mask on Iron Man. Cut out a picture or poster of Iron Man. Draw a mask with construction paper and let the kids play a unique version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Do you think these games sound old fashioned? They are old, classic party games and kids love them...that's why they are still around. Don't be afraid to use a classic party game...just give it a little twist and incorporate your party's theme into it.

I always like to have some extra Party game ideas planned just in case one game is a flop, or is finished more quickly than I had planned. Treasure Hunt is always fun...just hide some goodies or "treasures" in plastic eggs or foil and scatter them around the house or yard for the kids to find.

Remember to get some game prizes too...they can be as simple as coloring pages and crayons or stickers...or as cool as an Iron Man toy.

Face painting is fun at a kid's party and so is applying temporary tattoos. Your little party guests will be lining up to have you apply paint or a fact you might need extra tattoos...some kids will want more than one!

To do some face painting you only need to get some gentle face paints, (be sure to read the label) and a paint brush. Paint designs or symbols on each child's's not an intricate painting...just a fun mark like a star or lightening zag! If you are not sure of your face painting skills, just practice before hand on a piece of paper...or on your child's face! Trust me, that will be fun!

Keep Your Iron Man Party Short

Keep your Iron Man party time to a and a half or two hours is long enough to play some fun games, eat some snacks and birthday cake and complete any activities you have planned. Kids get tired after partying too long...and you don't want a bunch of cranky kids on your hands! You can find more party ideas, cupcake decorating ideas and free coloring pages to help you plan more fun party ideas!

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