Irish Party Ideas aren't only for St. Patrick's Day, every day is a good day to be Irish!

When you say Irish Party Ideas most people think of St. Patrick's Day, but any day is a good day to celebrate being Irish!

Irish Eyes Party Assortment for 10 People

Irish Eyes Party Assortment for 10 People

Includes (5) plastic derby hats,(5) plastic tiaras,(10) shamrock paper eyeglasses,(1) streamer,(5) leis and (20) serpentine throws.

Need St. Patrick's Day stuff for you Irish Parties? How about these green Irish hats?

St. Patrick's Green Foil Top Hat with Gold Glitter

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday many kids don't get to celebrate. Beyond a clover sticker at school or the encouragement to wear green, many kids don't get a chance to celebrate their Irish heritage unless their parents give them an opportunity to.

Of course everyone knows kids love parties, so why not throw a party for your child and their friends and make it a learning experience too. Besides, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

Here’s a short list of things no Irish party could be complete without plus a couple unique ideas for Irish-theme games:

1. You'll want plenty of green decorations, from the traditional streamers and balloons to lots of plaid, clovers, horseshoes, and even Irish flags.

2. While you can mix it in with more popular music, be sure to play at least a couple traditional Irish jigs.

3. Encourage your guests to wear something green or plaid or even a kilt for adventurous boys, but also be sure to provide hats, stickers, or face paint to get them in the spirit.

Remember to invite a Leprechaun!

St. Pat's Leprechaun Costume

4. Set up a scavenger hunt for “The Pot of Gold” and fill a prop cauldron with candy as the final prize.

5. Hide construction paper four-leaf clovers all over the house and yard with a special prize for the child that finds the most.

6. Serve Irish food like corned beef and potatoes. You can make a quick and simple green punch by mixing lime sherbet with 7 Up or ginger ale.

While the point of any party is for its guests to have fun, feel free to give them a little history lesson on the origins of the day too.

7. Why not let the adults sample some Irish Stout or Ale.

Flashing Shamrock Beer Mug

Share your heritage and your Irish party ideas with your family and friends.

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    Find lots of Irish green partyware and supplies here.

    St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks - Dessert Plates (8 count)

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