Interesting Cake Design

This is certainly an Interesting Cake design. It must contain lots of things the birthday star likes. I think I changed the colors of the cake when I re-sized it for my web page, so if the colors don't seem real, that's why. I just thought this design was rather unique and figured anyone who likes to look at pictures of I do...would enjoy seeing it.

This cake is frosted with fondant. Fondant is like play dough for cake decorators. You can shape it into just about anything and if you like to sculpt and mold things, you can really do some amazing cake designs with it.

An Interesting Cake Design.  Get some birthday cake design ideas from our Amazing Cake pictures.

Interesting ideas for cakes can make a cake decorators day. We live for new cake designs! Try to incorporate different area's of the person's life into your cake design.

Yes, I did change the colors of this cakes frosting. looks kind of glowing now.

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