Inflatable Halloween Costumes

The Inflatable Halloween Costumes are becoming a more popular costume choice for fun loving costume wearers. It's really quite funny to see someone in them...I know we saw the Sumo Wrestler last year at a party and everyone loved it. A couple came as the inflatable tourist to that same Halloween party and they too were a big hit. It's just a funny idea and if you are looking for a funny costume, the inflatable ideas you find on this page might just be the costume you are looking for!

Star Wars is always a popular dress up theme in October and this year you can be Jabba the Hutt in this Jabba Inflatable Adult Costume. Just click on the picture to get more information about this unusual costume idea.

Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume

Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume

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More Inflatable Costume Ideas

Not so into Jabba the Hutt? Okay, there are plenty of ohter inflatable Halloween costumes if you are still thinking about an inflatable costume. How do they get the air in there anyway?

Good question, right? Well, there is actually a fan in the costume that blows air to keep it inflated. How's that for ingenuity! The fan does need batteries, so if you intend to wear the costume for a long time...make sure you have some extras. You will need 4 AA batteries, so get 8 just to make sure you have the extras if you need them. The costumes inflate rather quickly. You can find out how long the costume you like takes by reading the description underneath the picture when you click into our online Halloween costume catalog...just click on any picture to do that.

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Inflatable Hula Girl Adult Costume

The Inflatable Hula Girl Adult Costume is a popular ladies choice. This costumes description says it only takes 1 minute to inflate. I thought it would take longer, but I was wrong. So if you want to look like an exotic hula dancer with a twist of humor, here is a costume idea for you.

Inflatable Hula Girl Adult Costume - One-Size

If you are thinking about a couples costume about the Sumo Wrestler for your honey? Girls love to date big, strong men. And in countries where Sumo Wrestlers are admired, this is a popular look. Your sweetheart might look precious in the Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Adult Costume...don't tell him that, precious isn't a look guys generally strive for!

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Adult Costume

The Inflatable Ballerina Costume

Have you always dreamed of being a ballerina? And do you have a side splitting sense of humor? Well, funny girl...or guy, here is the inflatable Halloween costume for you. Your friends will call you Twinkle Toes after you wear this funny costume. Put on Swan Lake and get ready to dance on your toes with this queen of the ballet inflatable costume. It's sure to get plenty of laughs from your friends and family. It might even win a prize at the costume party!

Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume-One-Size

More Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Like these ideas for your 2010 Halloween costumes? NO? Okay, don't worry because we've got more. You can find costume ideas for the entire family and believe it or not, most of them are not inflatables...those blowup costumes are only for those looking for very humorous costume ideas. Find everything you need at Celebrate Express

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