Clever Ideas For A Surprise Party

Ideas for a Surprise Party start right from the beginning of your party planning, with the invitations. Make sure all your guests know right from the start that the party you're planning is a secret!


With these Ideas for Surprise Party Invitations

When it comes to ideas for a surprise party, you’ll want to make certain that your party remains a secret from the guest of honor. This requires careful, yet clever planning. Since you are planning a covert operation, you might want to include this theme in your choice of party invitations.

Here are some ideas for surprise party invitations that will ensure that those invited are reminded to keep the details of the party a secret:

  • Have custom invitations printed with the words “Top Secret” on the front

  • Create invitations that resemble file folders with the words “Classified” on the front

Surprise Party Decoration Ideas

Since the object of a surprise party is the element of catching the honoree off guard, some ideas for surprise party decorations should include a strong aspect of mystery. A great way to ensure that your guest of honor is completely taken by surprise is to have him or her see the room where the party will be held undecorated, just moments before the party begins. This can be tricky to pull off, but well worth the effort.

Make sure that you have plenty of streamers, balloons, and confetti. Since this is a surprise party, you’ll want to make a big hoopla when the guest of honor enters the room. Use plenty of noisemakers to ensure that the guest of honor is surprised when entering the room.

Surprise Party Activity Ideas and Party IceBreakers

During a surprise party you’ll want to make certain that all of the guests spend plenty of time mingling with one another. Using icebreakers is a great way to get the guests talking and helps ensure that they have a great time. A great icebreaker is to have all of the guests sit in round robin fashion, and let them each finish a sentence. The host gives the attendees the beginning of a sentence and each guest finishes the statement. You can choose one question for all guests, or use a list of questions and alternate them.

Some good questions include:

  • If I were a famous celebrity I would be…

  • If I could change history I would…
  • If I could change careers I would be…
  • I’ve always wanted to…
  • If I could go anywhere it would be…

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