Ideas For A Slumber Party Girls Will Love

If you are looking for Ideas For A Slumber Party Girls Will Love we've got what you want. Find the best sleep over party guide, Girls Only Party Ideas, to help you plan your sleep over decorations, party games, fun slumber party activities and slumber party cake and party food ideas. Girls will love these fun party tips, so take a look. Here are some girls party theme supplies you might be interested in looking at.

Girl Slumber Party Games

Girl Slumber Party Games in the form of Printable Trivia Questions!

Take a look at the fun printable trivia questions we have found at Python Printable Games. These fun printable girl party games are:

  • Teenage Slumber Parties: Gross Boys Trivia Game

  • Ideas for a Slumber Party: Gross Kooties Trivia Game
  • Slumber Party Pranks: Off Your Rocker Card Game
  • Girl Slumber Party Ideas: After Party Card Game
  • Girl Slumber Party Ideas: After Party Card Game
  • Slumber Party Activities: Spooky, Silly Mad Libs
  • Slumber Party Games for Girls: Makeup Madness Card Game
  • Activities for Slumber Parties: Disney Characters Match Game
Here's where you can find them. Click on this picture, it is a link that will take you to Python Printable Games where you can find the best girl slumber party games. Get one game or buy a bundle of 7 popular slumber party theme games you can print right away.

Girl Slumber Party Games: Seven-Game Bargain Pack

Slumber Party Activities

Slumber Party Activities can be anything from boardgames to video games to movies to craft projects to make-overs and manicures.

Girls love to play, dance, sing and primp at a slumber party and that's what you should let them do. Pick out some fun girl movies with your daughter. Get a couple, there is no telling how late these sleep over Divas will be up and you want them to have some fun girlie movies to watch.

Video Games...again, enlist your daughter's help in choosing which games to play. Unless you are a video game aficionado, your daughter is the best judge of the games the girls will want to play.

Karaoke Do you have a karaoke machine? That would be lots of fun for these sleep over Divas. Plan your own American Idol Audtions with some popular songs. If not just see if you can borrow one or hook one up to your computer. You and the girls can figure out how to do this using a little imagaination. It's the perfect as one of those ideas for a slumber party girls will love.

Fashionista is another one of those fun slumber party activities. Let everyone dress up in fancy clothes...that you found in the attic, and then it's time for a make-over, a new hair style and a walk down the catwalk! Let each girl model her new outfit and look. Make sure the paparazzi is there to capture each girl in her glamorous new look. What, no paparazzi? Well then, it's up to you to take those pictures. Just think what a wonderful party favor or thank you note addition those pics will be. The girls will be thrilled to have that as a souvenir of your fun ideas for a slumber party.
Make a photo frame as a party activity if you plan on giving each girl a photograph. It will come in handy when you give her the picture! Find some cute ones at the Oriental Trading Company, along with lots of other party favor and party activities that are perfect for a girls sleep over.

Slumber Party Cake and Party Food Ideas

Here is where how to make a slumber party cake directions are. The best part about this cake is how very simple it is to make. You are going to look like such a cake decorating star to these young girls at your daughter's sleep over party.

Look how easy it is to make a slumber party cake with a rectangular cake and some twinkies! It's simple to make with these cake design ideas and wait until the girls see it. They are going to be amazed at your cake decorating skills! Here are the cake making directions to make a Sleep Over or Slumber Party Cake .

Here are some easy and fun party food ideas to use at your sleep over party too. Party food ideas like:

  • Make Cookies and let the girls decorate them
  • Create Your Own Sundae
  • Pizza Decorating Contest...each girl can decorate her own personal pizza with cut up veggies
  • Fruit Smoothies
How about slumber party breakfast ideas? Easy Sleep Over breakfast ideas:
  • Pancakes in Amusing Shapes
  • Fruit Salad and Granola
  • Omelets
  • Buffet Style Breakfast serving all of the foods listed
Add some juice and you are done. After breakfast have the girls get ready for their rides to pick them up. It's been a fun night for everyone, but now it's time for all the guests to go home and remember all the fun they had with your slumber party ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for a slumber party girls will love. Just take some of these fun girls party ideas and put them with a few of yours for a unique party your daughter will thank you for.

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