iCarly Party Supplies

Wait until you see these iCarly Party Supplies they are great! And I really like the iCarly message camera, it will be like a party game all by itself. It's going to be so much fun, if I were you, I'd buy a couple of them.

First let's talk about the iCarly party kits. There are two different party kits, one is the basic and the other is the deluxe. The basic has all the basic stuff you need for an iCarly party for a total of 8 guests.(that includes the birthday girl). The deluxe kit has a few extas, like invites and thank you cards...an iCarly tablecloth and balloons, even a cake candle.

The party favor kit is cute. It is filled with goodies for all your BFF's. The box itself is purple with blue stars and in it you will find an iCarly notepad, compact mirror, sticker sheet plus a pair of stick-on stone earrings, a lipstick-shaped pen, assorted-color feather ring. Now, that's full of fun!

The Camera...I am so glad we finally got to the camera! This is an iCarly message camera...take a picture and when you get the photo you will be with the kids from the cast of iCarly! I love these message cameras. They are so much fun!

You can also find a purple star pinata, get the pull string conversion kit to make sure it's a safe and a fun party game. Fill the pinata with some goodies and let each girl pull a string until someone finds the string that breaks open the pinata and lets the goodies spill out.

There are removeable wall decorations that will make any room look like an iCarly party room. Combine that with a deluxe party pack and some fun party favors and your party will be well on it's way to being the best birthday party ever!

Just pick and choose the items you need for your iCarly party ideas. If you want more information about a party item, just click right on the picture and it will direct you to our iCarly online party supplies catalog. Enjoy your online party shopping!

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