I want an Edward Cullen Wig

by Joey
(Forks, Washington, I Wish)

Twilight Party Supplies...Check out the newest Eclipse Party Supplies too!

Twilight Party Supplies...Check out the newest Eclipse Party Supplies too!

I want an Edward Cullen Wig...it's perfect for a Twilight Saga Halloween Costume. Edward Cullen is a vampire in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Saga. A set of four books that relay the story of Bella Swan, a human teenage girl and her vampire love, Edward Cullen. Edward is 109 years old and Bella is 17. WOW, talk about an age difference in a relationship. But regardless of the age difference Bella and Edward get along almost perfectly. With the exception of a few times when Bella almost died or got badly hurt and of course, there is also Edwards' suicide attempt, they have a wonderfully, happy life together.

Not everyone is in love with the idea of Bella and Edward being in love. First, there is Rosalie Hale. She is a vampire and is also Edward's sister. At first we think Rosalie doesn't like anyone. She even admits to Bella she is a little jealous that her brother Edward fancies Bella over Rose. Rosalie is a little bit full of herself, but she is also one of the most beautiful women in the world, so I guess she is just used to all men loving her. Rose also doesn't want Bella to give up her wonderful, even if it isn't forever, human life. Rose wishes she were human instead of a vampire.

Alice Cullen loves Bella and can't wait until she is a vampire. Alice got a car for bringing Bella to Italy to save the suicidal Edward. Alice is in love with a vampire named Jasper. Jasper is crazy about Alice. The only problem with Jasper is he wants to suck Bella's blood. Jasper thinks Bella would be a really tasty morsel.

The Twilight Saga is going to generate a lot of Halloween sales for Costume stores and a lot of party supply sales for party supply stores this year. There is a new party supply theme coming out soon and it will be perfect for Twilight's Eclipse party ideas. And as soon as I get my Edward Cullen wig, I am going to buy the party supplies I will need for my Eclipse Halloween party. Why do I want an Edward Cullen wig so badly? I want my boyfriend to wear it this Halloween so his costume, Edward Cullen will match my costume, Bella Swan. I think he will make a great Edward and I, of course, will make a fabulous Bella. The only thing that is different from the Twilight characters of Bella and Edward is, my boyfriend and I are not suicidal, clumsy, or in any way shape or form, likely to be killed by the Volturi, the Quileutes or the Blood sucking Victoria and her newborn vampire army. Thank Goodness.

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