I Need Fear Factor Birthday Party Games

by Lee
(Hillsboro, New Jersey, USA)

A Halloween Cake You Can Use For A Fear Factor Party

A Halloween Cake You Can Use For A Fear Factor Party

I need some Fear Factor birthday party games for my son's upcoming party. Yes, he chose Fear Factor as his party theme. It's yicky, but it's what he really wants so...I am going along with it.

I am going to serve Gross Halloween party food ideas like a cheese dip brain made with a brain mold. Some blood red party punch with a frozen hand floating in it. Some Witches Fingers Mini Stromboli and a gross looking cat litter birthday cake. The food I have down okay. It's the party games I am not sure about.

Does anyone have any really gross...well, maybe not too gross...ideas for games to use at this Fear Factor party? The only gross game I can think of is the Halloween game where you stick your hand in a bag filled with spagetti and think it's intestines. That is kind of old.

My son is going to be 12 this year so I can't get to crazy with the kids but I want them to have a challenging time playing these games. Got any ideas? Thanks~

One idea is to check the Oriental Trading Company. They have party supplies, craft ideas, Gross Temporary Tattoos of tentacles, worms, eyeballs that are creepy, glow in the dark creepy crawling bugs, sticky eyeballs, glow in the dark slime, human organ gummy candy...there are hearts, brains, lungs and intestines...jumping spiders, spider webs, there is even a yuck science kit so you can make gross stuff like your own play slime, barf, snot, bacteria, crystals, body parts and more. There are ear wax gummy candy, real looking gummy bugs, gumball eyeballs, minty maggots, candy blood bags, gummy earthworms, bloody candy bandages, there are even bloody gummy fingers. I told you I had the gross food ideas down, I can also use some of these disgusting candies as game prizes...but I need the fear factor game ideas to go with them.

There is so much cool stuff for this party theme maybe I should save it for a kids Halloween party theme.

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