How To Play Pinata Game

How to play pinata game why, it's very easy! There are now pull string pinatas that make it even easier and safer for young children to play this game. Most of us are familiar with the pinata, but not everyone has had a chance to break one open and try to grab the treasures it holds inside.

I bet most of your party guests already know how to play the pinata game! It is still a good idea to explain it to everyone and make sure to include the safety guide lines...such as no swinging the bat near people, putting the bat down after two or three swings or when the "Game Leader" tells them to stop swinging, and how no one should walk into the swing zone...that special area that is only for the swinger.

Like every other game you have ever played this one has some rules and guide lines that should be followed when people are playing.

First find a good place to hang your could be a tree, or a line, but make sure it's sturdy enough to withstand the game. Make sure it's a safe place where someone has enough room to swing a bat or a stick without hitting anything.

Once your pinata is hanging and secure, line your party guests up. Blindfold the first person, lead them over to the pinata and hand them the bat. Clear the area and give the first up at bat the okay sign to let them know they can start to swing the bat in hopes of breaking open the pinata. Each person gets two or three swings.

Tell the person at bat to put the stick down, take his blind fold off and then go on to the next player.

This continues until the pinata is broken...then look out! Everyone is going to be scrambling to try and gather as many prizes and candies as they can.

If you have a pull string pinata the idea is still the same...except there is no bat. Each player gets a chance to pick one of the pull strings. Only one string will rip open the pinata and each player gets a chance to pick a string until the pinata is opened!

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