How to Make a Pinata

How to Make a Pinata gives you step by step instructions to make your own Pinata.

A Pinata is always a great party idea. Kids love to break through to the candy and small toys left inside. The problem with many Pinatas is the price; many stores charge up to $100 depending on the size! Yikes! If your budget doesn't allow for such extravagances, making a Pinata is easy on your wallet and a whole lot of fun.

Just think how much money you can save if you follow the directions on how to make a Pinata yourself.

Why not check here and find out!

This article give you step by step How to Make a Pinata instructions so you will learn how to make your own homemade Pinata from materials as simple as a balloon and some paper mache. There are some very fancy Pinata designs but you should begin with simple Pinata patterns when you are learning. The directions here are for a hot air balloon shaped Pinata.

For how make a Pinata you will need:

  • 14” inflated balloon

  • 10” bowl
  • One batch of paper-mâché paste (easily available at grocery and party supply stores) or you can make your own with the recipe for paper-mâché paste below.
  • 1 two-page spread of regular black newspaper and the comic sections (regular newspaper not the glossy kind)
  • 32-oz plastic container (an old yogurt or cottage cheese does nicely), cut in half long ways (hamburger style)
  • String
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • 5 sheets of bright colored tissue paper cut into ½” squares
  • 2-3 pounds of individually wrapped candies or small toys

Always have the extra newspaper and tissue paper on hand incases you need a little extra!

This is not a very quick project since there is a lot of "drying" time involved. Give yourself at least four days to complete it. If you rush the project will not come out as you planned!

Read over all the steps in How to Make a Pinata before you begin your project.

Here are the 7 steps involved when you Make Your Own Pinata:

Step 1:
To help your project stay stable while working on it, put the balloon in the bowl. Fold the newspaper in half and cut it in half again. Tear the newspaper into 1 and ½” strips so they have rough edges (you can fold to create a clean crease and then tear, or tear along a ruler). These rough edges are necessary since they help keep the overall project smooth.
Drag a single strip of the newspaper through the paper-mâché paste, wipe any excess off with your fingers, and lay it on the balloon at an angle. Repeat this process with another strip, and this time when you lay it, make sure it overlaps the edges of the last strip. Continue this process until the entire balloon has been covered with one layer of newspaper strips.

Leave a single 2” square at the top to insert the goodies into. You'll now have to leave the project for 24 hours to let it dry. You can cover any leftover paper-mâché mix with plastic wrap so that it doesn't dry out-if it does, add warm water to it and mix again.

Paper Mache Paste for How to Make a Pinata

When you learn how to make a pinata you will need this paste. I find it is just as easy to make it as it is to buy it. Paper Mâché Paste is very easy to make, so you might want to make it rather than buy it. There are different ways to make it.

Here are 4 different recipes to make your own Paper Mâché Paste

Recipe #1. Mix 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of flour well Stir into 5 cups of boiling water and mix.

Recipe #2. Mix flour and 1 cup of water pour that into the boiling water and mix well.

Recipe #3. Another recipe calls for 1 cup of flour mixed well into 5 cups of boiling water

Recipe #4. The final recipe I've used for making paper mache is add some glue, white pasty glue or a resin glue into the recipe.

I've even seen some recipes that put a little vanilla or almond flavoring in, I guess to help the paper mâché paste smell good. (That's nice!)

The important thing is that you like the paper mâché glue your working with. There is not just one way to make it, so you may have to experiment to find the best one for you.

Let's get back to how to make a Pinata.

Step 2:
The Pinata will need a hanger. Wrap the middle of a length of string around the bottom of the balloon and then pull the ends all the way to the top. Tie the ends together in a strong knot about 6” above the top of the balloon. Take the top half of the plastic container and tape it to the bottom of the balloon. The plastic container will become the basket when you are finished.

Step 3:
As you did with the black newspaper print, tear the comic section in strips, drag them through the paper-mâché mix, and apply over the balloon, including the string, the neck of the balloon, and the bottom half of the plastic container. Make sure you place these strips at a different angle than those of the first layer. As you did before, let the second layer dry 24 hours.

Step 4:
Using the black newsprint again, cover the balloon, neck, and basket area with strips lying in yet another direction. As you work, smooth over any rough edges and allow to the whole project to dry another 24 hours.

Here you are at the final steps of how to make a Pinata.

Step 5:
Using the hole punch, put four holes into the neck area of the hot air balloon and four into the basket area. Using another length of string, attach it 3 ½” from the bottom of the balloon; you will use this to hang the basket when it is finished.

Step 6:
Place small spots of glue on the tissue squares and place them on all of the sides of the goodie opening. Working diagonally down and around the balloon, continue gluing the tissue paper squares until the entire balloon is covered. With each new row use a new color, pick a pattern you like and try to keep it going. Streamers can be added at this time by cutting 2”x 25"-30” strips of tissue paper and gluing them onto coinciding tissue paper squares halfway down the balloon.

Step 7:
Continuing on, cover the basket with assorted colored tissue paper squares. Glue the basket to the balloon. Pierce the exposed square of balloon at the top and make sure you get out all of the small balloon pieces left over. Check and make sure the Pinata is totally dry before filling it with goodies because otherwise the items might stick to the sides of the paper-mâché. Fill it halfway with candy and cover the opening with some of the leftover colored tissue paper squares. Now your Piñata is ready to hang.

Making your own Pinata can be a nice craft project for you and your kids to share. Of course, after all the time and effort you spent to make your own Pinata you may not want to break it!

How to make a Pinata gives you the steps you need to create a work of art, a party activity and you get to be creative in the process. After all, it is your Pinata so you should incorporate your own ideas into the process. It's much more fun that way!

A Pinata Party

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