How to Make a Balloon Weight

Save money and make your own party centerpieces. How to make a balloon weight will tell you how to make attractive party centerpieces without spending a lot of money.

Whenever I'm planning a party I like to spend the money on the things that I cannot do myself. I like to make the things I can do myself. This way I stretch my party budget and get to have a lot of foods, favors, decorations or gifts I might not be able to afford if I let other people do the work for me.

How to Make a Balloon Party Centerpiece

Instructions: How to Make a Balloon Weight

You will need:

  • Attractive Foil or Tissue Paper

  • Curling Ribbon
  • Latex or Mylar Balloon Filled With Helium
  • Candy, Sand or Some Small Rocks
  • Scissors

Step 1:
Get some foil in your party colors. Cut it into square shapes about 6-7 inches on each side.

Step 2:
Get some hand size rocks from outside or some kind of candy or sand. This is going to hold the balloons down. Put the rocks or the candy in the center of the foil sheet.

Step 3:
Bring the sides of the foil sheet up and put a twist tie at the point where the rocks or candy stop.

Step 4:
Take 2 or 3 helium filled latex party balloons and stagger them in height. One low, one a little higher and the last one is the highest.

Step 5:
Then tie the strings of the balloons to the balloon weight bag you just made.

Step 6:
Curl the bottoms of the balloon ribbons, and curl the string hanging from the neck of the balloon too. It just looks prettier if that little top piece is curled. It will give your centerpiece a nice "finished" look.

Now that's a pretty part centerpiece idea you can make for under 5.00 each. Not bad considering a floral centerpiece from a flower shop can cost 20.00 or more. Even the same balloon centerpiece ordered from a shop would cost a lot more money.

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