How About The Yuck Science Kit? Scary Science Projects For Kids

by Jillian
(Science Party Ideas)

A Fun Example of Kid Science Fair Projects

A Fun Example of Kid Science Fair Projects

The Yuck Science Experiment Kit has some scary, simple science project ideas for kids. Science party ideas are fun for kids and there are plenty of activities and projects you can entertain your guests with. This science experiment kit includes stuff like slime goo, worm goo, slime activator, worm activator, growing body parts, petri dish and lid, nutrient agar, cotton swab, clear cup, mixing cups, super absorbent crystals and instructions.

Your kids will love these cool science projects! They are simple and enough to share with other kids at a birthday party with a science theme.

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Kids learn when they are having fun, and this science kit is fun...a little gooey, but fun! Show your kids an example of a science fair project that can be fun and interesting.

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