Hot Wheels Party Ideas Sizzle

Hot Wheels party ideas sizzle they are so hot. Kids love Hot Wheel vehicles and that is why this is going to be a very popular kids birthday party theme. Take a look at the fun party ideas we have for you. Party Supplies, invitations, party favors, pinatas, games, game prizes, Hot Wheel birthday cake edible pictures, cake toppers, car candles and more fun ideas so your next kids birthday party is as much fun as playing with these Hot Wheel vehicles has been for decades.

Hot Wheels Party Invitations

Start your party planning off with Hot Wheels Invitations. You can find a couple different ideas for invitations...all of which are pretty good. You can see them in the pictures on this page. Or you can make your own party invitations. Using construction paper and stickers you and your son can design your very own party invites. You can also find clip art online to decorate your homemade invitations with.

Hot Wheels Party Decorations

Hot Wheel Party Decorations can be lots of things. Use pictures and posters of Hot Wheel vehicles to decorate your party room. There are also Hot Wheel balloons to float around the room while the kids try to jump and grab the strings. Get streamers and hang them all over the place. You can also find a personalized party banner to decorate your party room or your front door.

I hope this link gets a picture should be of the race car flag latex balloons and they are great.

11" Racing Flags Balloons (6)

Hot Wheels Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are looking for simple Hot Wheel birthday cake ideas you will love these race car candles. There are two cars, a trophy and checkered flags. Just bake and frost your birthday cake and put as many candles on it as your birthday boy has years...and one extra for good luck! These racing candles also look great on cupcakes.

Race Car Molded Candles (4)

If you are looking for more challenging cake designing ideas than you should check out the Ebay widget at the bottom of this page. You will find some edible cake art images with Hot Wheel vehicles on them. You will also find a plastic cake topper kit. With either of these cake top designs you simply put them on top of your baked and frosted cake. And your done...they are very easy to use to decorate a birthday cake and they look great. Take a look at them to see if you like them.

Race Car Driver Photo Prop

This Race Car Driver Photo Prop is a wonderful accessory for your kids birthday party. I know I love photo props. I always stick my head in one whenever I see them. And I am not a kid...can you imagine how much the kids will like it. It's the perfect prop to take party pictures with and it's's only about 6.00. That's an exceptional value. You can take everyone's picture and include one photo of each child with a thank you note. You can also use the pictures themselves as your party thank you notes. Either way, everyone...Moms and kids...will be thrilled to get this party picture.

Race Car Photo Prop

Race Car Games For Party Favors

I am always on the look out for some fun and unique party favor ideas and I think I've found another one. These mini car racing games will be perfect for your Hot Wheels party guests. Check them out and see if you like them as much as I do.

Don't fear...these are not the only party favors ideas I have, so if you don't like these...there are plenty more!

Racing Car Mini Video Game

You can find lots of interesting and fun Hot Wheels party supplies at Ebay. Take a look at my widget below and see all the fun stuff I have picked out for you. I thought you might need some of it for your party. My favorites? I really like the Personalized party invitations and the edible cake images. What are your favorites?

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