Hot Dog Costumes and Other Prank Costume Ideas

Hot Dog Costumes are funny. Silly, but still they are very funny outfits to get dressed up in for that costume party on Halloween. You can find a hot dog or some other prank costume ideas here. Get a load of some of these...they are too much!

Don't worry...if you want to go as a pack of hotdogs there is also a costume for the biggest kid in the family...Mom or Dad. The Hot Dog costume does come in adult sizes too. I would hate to have to leave one of the kids out of a family costume idea.

Some people just like regular disguises on Halloween and you can find them at our costume page.

Mustard or Ketchup Costume Anyone?

Here are some of the Prank Costume Ideas I found for a funny costume theme. First are the ketchup and mustard...because they kind of go along with the food theme of the hot dog costume. On the same picture frame with these condiments is the Lounge Lizard costume...remember those guys? They were like those Leisure Suit Larry characters who tried, usually without success, to pick up women in the 80s. It's a funny creepy costume idea.

Inflatable Prank Costume Ideas

The Inflatable Prank Costume Ideas are usually very funny costumes. The Sumo wrestler, the Ballerina, the Scotsman...isn't he from Austin Powers?...and the Inflatable Star Wars character...Jabba the Hutt. Now that is quite an assortment of prank costume ideas for you and your wacky friends. Imagine how shocked everyone at the party will be to see one of thes LARGE costumes coming through the door!

Here are some funny prank costume ideas...the Inflatable Superhero costumes. Superhero costumes are pretty popular this year, obviously I did not realize just how popular. You have to be a pretty big costume idea to rate your own inflatable costume. Check out Spider-Man and Captain America...inflatable style. What big muscles these heros have...and so will you if you decide to wear one!

Just click any picture to go into one of the online Halloween costume stores where you can see more inflatable costume ideas like the :

  • Ballerina
  • Inflatable Jet Packs
  • Illusion Ollie Ostrich Adult Costume
  • Inflatable Ballerina
  • Bull Rider Illusion
  • Ninja
  • Personal Trainer
  • Hula Dancer
Go ahead, you pranksters are usually full of hot air anyway and these big blow up costumes have fans to cool you off. Click on any picture to find out more details on these funny costume ideas. Read the reviews from people who bought them. Surprizingly enough, they say they are comfortable. Check it out yourself!

More Funny Costume Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for your prank Halloween costume. How about the Burger King or a box of cereal...Wheaties to be exact. Didn't you always want your athletic looking face on a box of Wheaties for the entire country to see? Well, here you go. The last silly costume on this frame is the clown costume...who is funnier than a clown? Not every funny Halloween outfit idea has to be hot dog costumes...there are plenty of funny prank costume ideas out here in costumeland.

Prank Costumes I Couldn't Leave Out

Here are three more funny costume ideas and one of them is a couples costume. It's the bacon and eggs couples outfit. Time for breakfast already? There is also a plug and socket costume for the funny couples out there who get a "Charge" out of stuff like this...ha,ha...I just couldn't resist! There is also a funky Chicken costume and a delicious looking Ice Cream Sundae for the sweet tooth out there.

Want to see more of these Hot Dog Costumes and Other Prank Costume Ideas? Just click on any picture to go to some online Halloween costume stores where you can find thousands of costume ideas for Halloween...for babies, kids, teens, adults and even the family pets!

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