Homemade Valentines Day Decorations

Make Homemade Valentines Day Decorations For Your Home

Why spend a lot of money on holiday decorations when you've got kids? Kids are full of great ideas so why not let them make some great homemade decorations for Valentines Day this year. Let them decide how to decorate for this "Sweetest Holiday of the year!"

Valentines Day decorating is easy. You can tie red, pink and white ribbons around vases, you can hang curling ribbon from door knobs or doorways.

Colorful hearts made from construction paper go a long way in Valentines Day decorating. Add a lace doily to the middle of the larger hearts and you've got a Victorian decoration. Let the kids go "Heart Crazy!" They can stick and hang those hearts from just about everywhere!

Do you remember how to make a paper chain? Well teach your kids how to do it. You cut construction paper in one or two inch strips...Make a circle with one, and then loop the next link and tape it shut and keep repeating the process. You can decorate a room or a stairway with your Valentines chain.

Popsicle sticks make great coasters. All you need is glue and the sticks and a little bit of watercolor paints. Draw a heart on them with paint or use stickers. You can also write Valentines Day sentiments like "I Love You" or "Happy Valentines Day" on them.

You can have so much fun with your kids teaching them what fun holidays are! Just think about the wonderful memories you are making for them.

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