A Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume

Want to make a homemade Rainbow Brite costume? It is simple. With a few materials and some simple instructions, you too can make this costume at home.

You can find the directions you need to make this costume yourself on this page. You can also find the links to an online Halloween costume store where you can buy a Rainbow costume. It's up to you!

Rainbow Baby Infant Costume

Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume

Rainbow Cutie Child Costume

Materials You Need For This Costume

Materials needed to make this colorful and fun homemade costume are as follows:

* blue skirt or dress (One from a thrift store or an old one from your closet will work fine.)
* any brightly colored and striped top
* knee high colorful socks
* red shoes
* 2 rubber bands
* Rainbow Brite sticker (optional)

Rainbow Brite Homemade Costume Instructions

Simple instructions for make a homemade Rainbow Brite costume are as follows:

1. Locate a blue skirt or dress. You can locate one at a thrift store or in your closet.

2. Put on any colorful and striped top.

3. Put on your red shoes.

4. Using the 2 rubber bands put your hair up in pig tails. Just like Rainbow Brite.

5. Place a colorful Rainbow Sticker on shirt. (Optional)

You now have a wonderful homemade Costume. And you have that feeling of accomplishment because you made this costume yourself and saved a lot of money!

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